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Aug 15, 2023
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Hello all, I'm a 57 year old man and have been vegan for 7 years. I was vegetarian for a while before that.
It occurred to me recently that although I have a lot of friends and a relatively large family, I don't know any vegans, so I thought I would visit here to maybe discuss the odd thing with like minded people.

My original reason for going vegan was for health and fitness. I've played a lot of sport and have kept quite fit most of my life. but as I was getting too old for the football pitch and the boxing ring I thought it was imortant to have a decent diet. This led me to trying to cut out processed foods as much as possible and eat whole foods.

I then dropped meat too.
Then it just seemed like a natural progression to drop dairy, but as I was going through this process I was reading and watching a lot of plant based information which naturally included some vegan content and information.

My rationale then changed. My motivation was always my own health and fitness. However, whilst that is still important to me, my main reason for being vegan is now undoubtedly ethical.
Me looking after my health and the environment benefitting from my choices are happy side effects, but me not using animal products of contributing to animal cruelty, abuse and slaughter means most to me.

This has turned out to be a bit of a ramble, but like I said at the beginning, I don't know any vegans and I find it so tiresome at social events involving food, answering ignorant questions and listening to the 'yeah but protien' (usually said by people younger than me and 5 stone heavier who couldn't punch their way out of a wet paper bag) , ' we've got canine teeth' , 'must cost a fortune' etc etc rubbish.
I have listened to the likes of Earthling Ed and I really admire his debating skills, I often think " I'll say that next time" but quite honestly I can't be arsed, I just try to cut the conversation short for fear of getting annoyed.
Anyhow, I suppose I'm wondering how others cope with these unwanted situations, if indeed they are unwanted by you. I just think it's rude to quiz someone about their diet and give there ignorant and unwanted views on it.
It is however a small price to pay and going vegan was the best lifestyle choice I ever made.
Well after saying this has turned into a ramble I've continued rambling on ....
I could havd just said Hi I suppose.
Glad you joined us, many here have similar stories, esp not knowing other vegans.
I've been mainly vegan for about the past 10 to 14 years, and while I started with mostly whole foods I have definitely lost track into the realm of processed, snacky, and sweet foods. I feel very much an omni who doesn't eat animals things. :laughing: . At 60 I'm very much aware I need to get back to eating more whole plant foods o_O.
I don't get flack about my diet in real life, most people that know me are truly interested and many do have more vegan foods in their diet now.
Online however I'm appalled by how many truly awful trolls have nothing better to do than bash veganism!
Welcome on board, that is a great intro!

Yes, I've been there, done that! I can't claim to be in fantastic physical shape (although I could do worse!), but yes, I've had similar experiences discussing veganism with other people. For the most part, I don't bring it up if I can avoid it. But people who know me to some extent, either personally or through work, know that I'm vegan, and hopefully I haven't put anyone off the idea of veganism at least!

Your transitioning story reminds me of a hypothesis put forward by, I think, Carol J. Adams, that if an omnivore adopts a vegan diet for reasons other than animal ethics, it will subsequently be a lot easier for them to be convinced of the ethical arguments against animal products. I think it's because they won't feel so defensive about their current lifestyle. (It's possible I've misrepresented what she said somewhat, and if so, hopefully other members with a better memory can do it more justice!)
I can't seem to suss out the quote function, but just to respond to a couple of points:

Silva.. Although I mentioned my gripe about people coming out with ignorant comments when they discover I'm vegan, I must say that once people get used to knowing I'm vegan (I don't often mention it and they only realise at the social occasions I mentioned, where food is involved) they generally are positive about it, apart from the occasional "banter".:dismay:

Second summer.. Yeah that hypothesis rings true with my limited experience. A couple of mates and family members have tried veganism, or plant based diets, but all bar one, who is now vegetarian, didn't stick with it.
I'm sure it was because in each case their motivation was their personal diet and not animal welfare.
I don't know if anyone else feels the same, but I get this feeling of isolation and frustration that I've finally learnt something that should have been SO obvious, that by unnecessarily consuming animal products I had been contributing to such an atrocious and cruel industry and that stopping doing so is SO easy so why can't other people see this?!
To avoid this feeling I just sidestep the issue if the subject is raised and change the subject.

These instances are rare occasions and they don't affect me too much, it's just that, as I said I don't know any other vegans to have a natter with, so thought I'd come on here and bend all your ears:joy:

alleycat.. Thanks and good luck to the Matildas. Being English that is somewhat disingenuous ;) but you know what I mean:)
(Aus v Eng women's semi final today, if any other nationality might be reading and is curious)
Hi and welcome. Chester is a nice place. I used to live in Llandudno and visited Chester a few times.
Thank you.
Yes it's a beautiful city, and funnily enough I visited Llandudno 3 months back for a 2 day break which is also a lovely place & we got lucky with the weather too!

On a side note, if anyone is looking for a city break, I would highly reccomend Kraków. I was there last month and can't reccomend it highly enough. There are a good few vegan cafés and restaurants too👍
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