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Sep 20, 2023
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My name is Jack and I live just north of Atlanta. I'm 62 and am returning to the vegan life. I was vegan for many years and around 2009 things in my life, (which I won't burden you all with), went haywire and I abandoned a healthy life and diet. As a consequence my health is not so good. But, I am positive that going back to what I knew worked for me will improve things greatly. So, I'm back! I hope to be inspired by a new generation of vegans. I hope to learn and relearn a lot of great cooking tips and recipes. And I hope somewhere in the future that I might be able to inspire someone. It is really great to be back. Forgetting the past and moving forward to the future!
Yes, I have seen that. I mostly cook at home and use vegetables, fruit, legumes and only whole grains. I don't use any processed foods or simple carbs, (sweets). Thank you for your reply though, I see the market is flooded with lots of "vegan" product. I do almost all of my grocery shopping in the produce area and then one or two aisles for canned veggies and whole grains.
welcome to the forum - many of us here are in your age category and some, like me, have been vegan for less than 10 years, although I had been trying and failing for another 15 years before so I get the falling off the wagon part...

this is an awesome community and we look forward to sharing with you and learning from you

Emma JC
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Welcome! I agree that health problems can be a powerful motivator to improve your eating habits. For example, my craving for sweet baked goods has grown somewhat stronger over the past decade or so, although I've generally been good about avoiding non-vegan foods or saturated/trans fats. But 2 or 3 months ago, I was found to be pre-diabetic at my general check-up. I think my local supermarket's management is scratching their heads, trying to explain the recent abrupt decline in cookie, turnover, and doughnut sales...