1. Gobser

    Support my petition-To turn off meat advertisement.

    Please, support my petition for Google to create an option for vegans to Block meat advertisment. I am not a user of this forum, I am just a vegan neophite from Russia, but these ads offend and disgust me. I would greatly appreciate if you could support my petition to Google. I hope together...
  2. R

    Do you think all animal slaughter and meat should be banned?

    Hello 👋, I think that meat and animal slaughter should be banned and, maybe, animals (including all birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and other sentient beings) given the same legal protections and importance as humans by law. Do you think sentient insects, if they are out there, should...
  3. chickendminus

    What constitutes as 'meat'? what about 'milk'?

    Thought this was an interesting article. :-) Let me know your thoughts, if any. Hope you are having a good day <3
  4. betiPT

    Vegans-Has anyone spiked your food?

    I love my grandmother, but she did try to sneak in LAMB BRAIN BROTH into my rice... yes, BRAIN BROTH. This happened when I was around 16. I picked up on something not being right as soon as the dish was given to me and barely touched it. My intuition was confirmed when I overheard her minutes...
  5. Fractal

    Test tube lab meat from animal cells without hurting them

    Hi guys, what do you think about the meat grown in labs from animal cells, the animals are not hurt in anyway, since you can get cells very easily with no damage, but it's still animal meat just grown in labs, here's the video link on youtube, I don't know if you guys already read/talked about...
  6. Second Summer

    Taxing meat and dairy consumption

    Do you think taxing meat and dairy will result in lower consumption? Do you think it would help in bringing about an end to animal food consumption altogether? I thought this petition makes a good point: "According to a news article published in late 2017 the global livestock industry causes...
  7. T

    Being vegetarian is making me unhealthy?

    So I've been vegetarian for 4 years now, and everything was going fine for a while. After a year of being vegetarian though, I just noticed a downfall from there to now. I got really bad eczema on my right hand (never had it before), my anxiety increased, I'm more tired and lazy, and I'm...
  8. V

    Mother forces me to eat meat

    I am a vegan and I live with mom (newbie, came home from college where I lived in student dormitory and where I became a veggie). My mother doesn't take my choise seriously and makes food with meat forcin' me to eat it. I can't explain her that I can't eat such kind of food; I'm hurted eating...
  9. R

    Samsung: speak out against the korean dog meat industry

    Hi , Please sign and share my petition. Warning: Descriptions/references to animal cruelty. Thank you. Have a great day (and night)!
  10. C

    So confused ...

    Hi all, this is my first post here and it’s multifaceted so I may go back and reword it several times! I’m a little stumped with which direction to go and wanted to get views from different communities. First admission, I am currently a meat eater. I have often thought that if I were really...
  11. J

    Supporting my vegan partner

    Hi, My partner was pregnant in the past but it was 'not meant to be'. During this short pregnancy she became repulsed by the things that we would usually eat - delicious home-cooked meals seitan, tofu etc, and would instead crave things such as Babybel. It was incredibly difficult for me to...
  12. mamamellie_114

    I have to feed my baby meat?

    (I don't know if I posted this in the right place, I didn't see a spot for parenting.) A little bit of background, I'm a vegetarian. I don't use products that were tested on animals, I don't buy leather or fur, I don't drink milk. I enjoy the occasional egg breakfast provided by my mother's...
  13. Second Summer

    Tbilisi vegan cafe invaded by meat-wielding fascists

    More: Tbilisi vegan cafe appeal over meat-wielding 'extremists' - BBC News (31. May 2016) Think about this next time someone says vegans are extremists.
  14. Second Summer

    Animal Rights 4 philosophers' views on killing animals for food

    More: Can we justify killing animals for food? - BBC News (26. October 2015) This is from a BBC Radio 4 programme called Analysis. The whole programme is available from here (UK only, I think): BBC Radio 4 - Analysis, Killing Cows I think some of Peter Singer's thinking in this article is...