transitioning to vegan

  1. vishvadave

    Vegan Pocket Directory

    In the essence of being vegan for a whole year, I put together a list of everything that helped me throughout my journey. I am continuously putting it together and adding more stuff to it regularly. I am also pretty sure I missed out on some stuff so I'm open to what needs to be added to make it...
  2. R

    UK What to do with non-vegan products & cheese

    Hello 👋, I am a 24-year old female with Autism. I am a very passionate animal rights person. I went vegetarian at 13. I then went vegan at 20. I then went back to vegetarian more recently. I really want to go back to vegan and hopefully stick with it for life, but I love cheese, especially...
  3. R

    Animal rights vegan documentaries to watch

    Hello 👋, I used to be vegan, but I’m now veggie again. I’d like to go back to veganism. However, I need some more persuasion and motivation... Can you please recommend some good vegan documentaries? Here are my requirements: * Has to be ethics and animal rights-based, not about vegan food, the...
  4. D

    Pure Protein

    Please share ideas for go to protein sources.... Tofu is not for me currently. :pensive: Lentils & Tempeh i can deal with :rolleyes: .... so any suggestion involving these two or any new ones would be great. Thank you :heart: PS. i only really like chickpeas for hummus, so not fussy at...
  5. WillGetsRipped

    Media Hi all, I'm new!

    Hi all, I'm Will. I recently trained at a vegan animal sanctuary and it was an eye-opening experience. On my way there I was a shameless meat-eater but since my visit I haven't been able to eat meat with a clean conscience. I have since reduced my meat consumption drastically, and hope to...
  6. Holtsarah64

    Transitioning with a toddler

    So I am transitioning to this lifestyle newly myself and I want to transition my 4 yr old son with me, by slowly replacing his favorite foods with vegan replacement. The real problem is that I live with my parents who doesnt seem to understand nor want to try to understand why I want to do this...
  7. L

    Started a new track. please help!

    This is my first post so I'll jump right into it. I've been thinking about becoming Vegan for a long time now and am getting ready to make the transition. I'm a college student who is going to join the military soon and then get a degree to work in criminal justice based jobs. I'm a pretty big...
  8. Queen of Strawberries

    How to get enough iron?

    I'm slowly transitioning to vegetarianism (and then veganism) but my mom is worried i'm not getting enough iron. (My parents are the reason for my slow transition - I want to go vegan now but they say I have to wait until i'm 18 *argh!*) anyway I've been tired and sleeping more than normal...
  9. M

    Which oils to use ?

    Hi Guys ! I have recently switched to fully plant based diet. I was already a vegetarian so didn't had to give up much and so far it's been really great. I have been using rice bran oil, soyabean oil and mustard oil to cook food. In almost all the Indian dishes there is some or the other oil. I...
  10. D

    Help! milk advice needed

    I am just in the process of moving to a vegan diet. I can live without cheese and eggs; soya yoghurt and ice cream are ok; but I can't find a palatable milk substitute. I've tried soya, oat and cashew but can't manage and make me feel nauseous. I usually get through quite a lot of milk in...
  11. E

    What has been your biggest challenge in transitioning to a vegan diet?

    I made the transition to a more plant based diet around February of this year. Initially, my transition was 'cold turkey'. I bought Dr. Greger's book "How Not To Die" and then found the Forks Over Knives website, and the next week, I was vegan. Or I thought I was. Of course, I was still eating...
  12. Ink92

    Taking the final step

    I've been a vegetarian (apart from fish due to my doctor saying to was crucial to my diet) for about a month now. I'm shocked a how little a miss meat but then I've always been a big animal lover and had tried to make the transition before but couldn't while living with my folks. Upon recently...
  13. Tofu Bxtch

    Reasons to go vegan

    Hello all, I have written a little article that I am super proud of. There are reasons you should go vegan, facts, alternatives, and humor. If you would check it out and let me know what you think!
  14. L

    Fructose intolerance

    Hi :) I would love to go vegan but I am fructose intolerant. Since most fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of fructose I am not sure how to transition. If anyone has any tips they would be highly appreciated :)
  15. L

    Is this a balanced vegan diet or am i eating too much?

    Hi, I am a transitioning vegan and I was wondering if what I am eating is healthy. I am doing this for the animals and for the environment, but I also want to see change in my body. Here's an example of what I ate today: Breakfast: 1 slice of whole wheat toast with a tbs of peanutbutter and a...
  16. M

    Transitioning to veganism but need help

    Hello, I recently made the commitment to follow a plant based diet and am troubled with the weak selection of protein sources. I've searched the internet for sources but most of them contain so little protein and can even have as much fat in them which I am not looking for. I count my...
  17. M

    Today i started the transition to vegan... what should i expect?

    I finished up my first vegan meal a couple hours ago. I am finding I am a little shaky. This prompted me to get some advice on what to expect during the transitional period from an typical american diet to a whole foods plant based vegan diet. What can I expect (ie symptoms)? What are some tips...
  18. N

    Can we share transition experiences? is this normal?

    Hey everyone, I'm just gonna share my experience of going on a full vegan diet so far and hopefully some others can write their transition experiences as well? There's some weird things going on I wasn't expecting and I'm wondering if they're normal? I stopped eating meat, eggs and dairy last...
  19. Rita Beathard

    Vegan raising special needs child

    I have been a Vegan for almost 3 years now. I love my lifestyle and want to share it with everyone especially my family. My father has been a vegetarian for over a year because it's better for his obesity and diabetes (I'm so happy he is a vegetarian now he has been hunting and trapping from a...
  20. Pat

    Product How Plants Changed My Life & How They'll change Yours!

    2 years ago I made the transition to vegan. It has had such a profound impact on me that I felt inclined to share my story in hopes of positively impacting the lives of others. My book is called Eat Green Make Green, and I hope it has a positive impact on your life! Here's the link...