Animal rights vegan documentaries to watch


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Jul 2, 2017
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Hello 👋,
I used to be vegan, but I’m now veggie again. I’d like to go back to veganism. However, I need some more persuasion and motivation...
Can you please recommend some good vegan documentaries? Here are my requirements:
* Has to be ethics and animal rights-based, not about vegan food, the environment or health.
* Has to be good for more hardcore animal rights people, not just beginners to veganism.
* Preferably not as graphic as “Earthlings”.
Thanks 😊
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My favorite is Cowspiracy. It probably doesn't meet all your requirements but I put it at the top of my list

Vegucated isn't exactly what you want - but I consider it a must watch for Vegans

BlackFish has a very narrow scope (one fish) but it is very highly regarded. 98% on rotten tomatoes

The Ghost in Our Machine is very good. Also frequently overlooked

I have a hard time recommending Specism. It is very uneven in almost every category. but it is still interesting in almost an accidental way. And meets all your requirements.

PETA has a good list of documentaries. This is just one of their lists

while googling to prompt my memory i discovered this,