Transitioning with a toddler


Feb 5, 2018
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So I am transitioning to this lifestyle newly myself and I want to transition my 4 yr old son with me, by slowly replacing his favorite foods with vegan replacement. The real problem is that I live with my parents who doesnt seem to understand nor want to try to understand why I want to do this for me and my son. So everytime I cook for us I feel undermined with them telling him that what he needs is some real food and ask if he enjoys being raised as a rabbit. My son doesnt understand what they are saying cause I dont tell him that I am switching his food yet. I just dont really know how to deal with the parents to just let me feed myself and my son in the way I feel is the best for us (never felt the way my parents feed me and my siblings was very healthy)
There's two things you can do here. Sit down with both of them and explain that you are his mother and you make the decisions. Tell them how they are making you feel and that it is not alright. If they don't listen to calm go momma bear on them. You could also look into moving out if they will not respect your wishes with your son.
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Yeah I agree with amberfunk. Unless your parents have some kind of guardian role with your child, you’re the only one who should be making those kind of decisions for him. Maybe if you talk to them at a calm time, NOT during a meal, it would go over better.
Congratulations on your desire to have a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your son!! There are many parents out there that are raising healthy happy children on a plant-based diet and they are thriving. Maybe check out some of the vegan parents on YouTube and show them to your parents? and encourage them to watch What the Health.

Also, you may wish to show them the latest "Health Canada Food Guide" as they may be surprised to see the foods that are recommended.

What would a typical day of eating, for you and your child, look like?

Emma JC
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...And lets not forget on of the newer members here who is in his (30s?) and has been vegan his entire life - someone please remind me who. I'm sure he'll chime in soon :)
I believe it is @Tomas

Emma JC

I believe you are right :D.

The only thing I can say about this is congratulations on making a decision that is not welcomed by many but will improve your and your son's health greatly. Some people of the older generation grew up hearing meat and dairy is real food and basically ate this with a bit of veggies and that was their "diet" so it is very difficult to convince them otherwise and they'll disagree even when leading scientists support your dietary choice. Sometimes talking to these kind of people is very tiresome, they might even become personally offended by what is your choice but in the end, YOU are the mother and you get to make the decisions regarding your son. I feel (and am sorry) that your parents don't show you the respect you deserve as an adult to make your own decisions. Anyway, according to me it is very important that you remain positive about it toward your son. Don't make it seem like something mandatory. If you parents say that he eats like a rabbit to your son, start hopping around like a rabbit with some lettuce in your mouth and say "have you ever seen an unhappy rabbit? I didn't" while the hopping continues. It ridicules your parents but more importantly it's humorous and humour always works better with children then being negative.

Of course much depends on your specific situation but if it was me I would make it very clear what my wishes are and what my expectations are and that they should respect your decisions.

Anyway it is obvious that rasing a child like a "rabbit" is not a problem at all. In fact I dare say I'm healthier than most people of my age.