1. R

    Did you convince your family to go vegan?

    Were they big time meat-eaters who would get defensive if you brought up veganism before? How did you convince your family to go vegan?
  2. R

    How could I persuade my family to go vegan?

    Hello 👋, I’m mostly vegan. I went vegetarian at age 13, and “vegan” at 20. I am now 24. My family eat meat every day, often twice a day. They would claim to like/love animals (we have three cats, my mum and sister are cat people and often talk about/comment on animals, and my dad is a...
  3. R

    How should I have this conversation with my parents?

    Hello 👋, As you may know from my other posts and profile, I’m an animal rights person. I’m semi-vegan. Anyhow, I’m against captivity for wild animals, including dolphins and whales, the exception being sanctuaries and rescues. However, my family would like to go to Florida next year. We’ve been...
  4. Holtsarah64

    Transitioning with a toddler

    So I am transitioning to this lifestyle newly myself and I want to transition my 4 yr old son with me, by slowly replacing his favorite foods with vegan replacement. The real problem is that I live with my parents who doesnt seem to understand nor want to try to understand why I want to do this...
  5. Queen of Strawberries

    2 major breakthroughs with my (non-vegan)parents!!!

    Please don't bash me for not being Vegan yet BUT TODAY MY PARENTS SAID THEY WOULD LET ME GO VEGETARIAN!!! I used to have an eating disorder so my parents are being SUPER cautious about letting me take foods out of my diet (which I understand). they also told me when I first brought Veganism up...
  6. Queen of Strawberries

    Please explain eggs

    I get sick every time I eat eggs and I also think it's discussing to be eating (what is basically) a chicken period but what is ETHICALLY wrong with eggs? My parents seem (although they refuse to go vegan) to understand why I don't want to eat meat but they are balking at me giving up dairy and...
  7. Queen of Strawberries

    How to get enough iron?

    I'm slowly transitioning to vegetarianism (and then veganism) but my mom is worried i'm not getting enough iron. (My parents are the reason for my slow transition - I want to go vegan now but they say I have to wait until i'm 18 *argh!*) anyway I've been tired and sleeping more than normal...
  8. Queen of Strawberries

    Deal with parents over veganism????

    I use to have anorexia and now my parents are super sensitive about my eating and food choices. When I announced my intention to go vegan my parents threw a fit and said (I do quote) "No. Not happening." I feel very strongly that humans have no right to kill animals - we wouldn't want it done to...
  9. Soffiare

    How do i convince my parents

    Hello! Before I say anything you should know that I have a restrictive Eating Disorder as a result of a heavy depression and severe OCD. I am very interested I'm becoming vegan and I believe that it could help me add more variety to my diet, however I foresee my parents being very against it...
  10. Soffiare

    Veganism and eating disorders

    Hi everyone! An aspiring vegan here. Like most of you I have tons of reasons to go vegan, I have done my research, read books, made meal plans and analized my options as a vegan. I have planned meals that give me all the nutrients and I have wrote a letter to my parents. There is one issue. I...
  11. T

    My Parents Don't Support Veganism

  12. T

    Being told I'm underweight because I'm vegan?

    My mother suggested I see a doctor to aid me with progressing with a healthy vegan diet which I said was fine by me. My mother has never approached me before with much concern over it which I was always thankful for. Anyway, this doctor told me that because I'm 5ft 6 and 7 stone 4 I am...