Can we share transition experiences? is this normal?


Apr 30, 2017
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Hey everyone, I'm just gonna share my experience of going on a full vegan diet so far and hopefully some others can write their transition experiences as well? There's some weird things going on I wasn't expecting and I'm wondering if they're normal?

I stopped eating meat, eggs and dairy last week so I'm only 6 days in but so far I've noticed these changes:

  1. I've developed a cold sore
  2. Mood changes and panic for about 5 minutes then back to super happy
  3. Waking up in the night with feelings of dread
  4. Hayfever symptoms have doubled
  5. Gas!
  6. Hungry if I don't eat loads of food
  1. So much energy
  2. Love the food more
  3. Tasting everything better
  4. No need for so much coffee
  5. I can eat breakfast for the first time in years without feeling sick
  6. No heaviness or naps after meals
  7. Washing dishes is so much less disgusting
  8. General feeling of strength mental and physical
  9. Can't stop moving!
Anyone else notice these? Particularly the bad ones?
You've had way more changes than me. I got gas (but mostly just when I eat beans) and needing to eat more food, so bad 5 and 6.

For good I have generally more reliable digestion and I lost weight and I can run a bit faster.

Apart from that I didn't seem to notice as many changes as other people.
I found it very difficult the first week or 2 partly because we were travelling from Spain to the UK. It's much easier in England. The supermarkets are more geared up to veggie and vegan diets. I realize that it is easier to change from vegetarian to vegan. I did love my cheese but seem to have got over that already. Soya milk in coffee and rice pudding is great but it spoils the taste of English tea for me. I drink less tea now and more coffee. Sometimes I add just a bit of co's milk to tea. I hope I will get over this peoblem.
I feel tired but that comes from the travelling mostly, I think/hope.
Reading vegan books have helped and this website too of course.
Good luck everyone!