plant milk

  1. L

    Question Vegan milk

    I have been vegetarian for 34 years. I have always known that there is cruelty in dairy but seeing the Guardian article about the treatment of calves has made me want to seriously find some alternatives and move closer to being a Vegan. The only dairy I eat is cheese, yogurt and milk. Vegan...
  2. S

    UK Non Dairy Skim Milk?

    Hello! I am really anti the dairy trade - as far as I am concerned it's actually worse than meat eating? But I love a cup of tea, and whilst I'm going black at the moment, which is fine, I would love to know if there is a non-dairy alternative to skimmed milk? My partner loves nut milk,oat...
  3. KLS52

    Malk ... Non Dairy Milk

    Anyone familiar with this product? I saw it at Whole Foods yesterday when I was looking for walnut milk. Home - Malk Organics
  4. Second Summer

    BBC: environmental impact of plant vs dairy milks

    More: Climate change: Which are the best vegan milks? (9. Jan. 2019) Some quite positive coverage here, by none other than the eminent BBC. The article shows greenhouse gas emissions, land and water requirements for producing various plant milks and dairy milk. The National Sheep Association...
  5. shyvas

    Why Your Body May Dislike Oat Milk

    Oat milk—especially the cult favorite, Oatly—is a hot commodity. Every time I stroll into my local coffee shop to order an oat milk-based beverage, there is around a 20 percent chance that the response will be: “Oh, I’m so sorry. We’re out. There is this massive national shortage and we haven’t...
  6. Second Summer

    Own-brand vs branded soya milks

    What reasons are there to buy the more expensive branded soya milks instead of the stores' cheaper own-brand? I sometimes despair at the boring design on the cartons for own-brand soya milks, but other than that?
  7. Emma JC

    Vanilla almond milk recall

    This recall makes a good argument for buying plant milks from companies that only supply plants milks and don't have dairy nearby. Got milk? Vanilla Almond Breeze might, prompting recall HP Hood LLC has...
  8. Andy_T

    News European court decides: Plant based foods must not be marketed as "milk" or "cheese"

    Bad news - yesterday, there was a rather unexpected decision by the European court of Justice. Plant based products cannot use the word 'milk', EU court says - Farming The court argues that such names are reserved for products derived by expressing udder secretions. This can only be...
  9. shyvas

    US Senator Declares War on Almond Milk

    Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) has declared war on almond milk as she prepares to run for reelection in 2018. Senate Democrats try to spark rural comeback in 2018
  10. Second Summer

    News Ripple - new plant milk made from yellow peas

    Ripple non-dairy milk company promises as much protein as cow's milk (17. March 2017)
  11. Calliegirl

    America's Love of Almond Milk is Driving Dairy Farms Nuts

    Thanks to almond milk there are 10,000 less dairy cows in California. :) America's Love of Almond Milk is Driving Dairy Farms Nuts
  12. Bite Size Vegan

    BANNED Commercial! - Milk Vs Almond Milk

    You won’t believe this! See the newly recovered BANNED footage from Milk Life’s “Dairy Milk Vs. Almond Milk Spelling Bee” commercial. Find out what they didn’t want you to see, hear the commercial’s director have a total meltdown! (And try to catch the spelling errors). For more in-depth...
  13. shyvas

    Cashew Milk

    Provamel Organic Non-Dairy Cashew Drink, 500ml by Provamel I bought a couple of cartons at Waitrose whilst I was in the UK. I find this non dairy milk to have the best taste compared to other non dairy milks and furthermore its' very easy to digest. The only drawback is the price at £1.70...
  14. shyvas

    Vegan Almond Milk

    1 cup almonds 3 - 4 cups water vanilla extract (optional) Soak the almonds in the water overnight. Drain the almonds. Place them into a FP or blender with half the water and blend for 1 or 2 minutes.Add the remaining water and vanilla extract. If you like it creamy don't add all the water...
  15. sallyomally

    Favorite plant milk?

    I do love the taste and consistency of almond milk,but also enjoy coconut. Almond seems do do well in baking and making sauces and gravies. What's your favorite?