Vegans vs and interesting


Feb 10, 2017
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Me and my friend are both cut from different cloth. but we are both passionate about how we live.
it's always more interesting of a debate in that case.

Hello to you. I guess it depends on the topic. Some are more debatable than others. It's not very interesting when your point of view involves whether or not it's ok to harm other beings for your own gain or pleasure and whether something is ethical or not.
And that, my friend is not open for discussion, as far as I'm concerned. :)
I have never found that sort of debate to be fun, or even interesting. The same hokey self-satisfying points keep being wheeled out by flesh eaters to justify and legitimise it, and I just find it all so very tedious.
I have not eat flesh foods for over 20 years but am surrounded by flesh eaters. I have told them what they can look at on-line to read, watch to confirm that the main bit on their dinner plate was once a living entity. And they can see the extreme distress that being taken to slaughter raises ... if they are such 'dumb' animals surely they would just obediently trot along ...
I make and give away lots of vegan biscuits / cookies ... I smile, emphasis how I never miss work & despite having MS for these same 20 years I am still prancing about ...