1. KLS52

    Keeping the Forum Fun and Interesting

    I’ve been thinking about VV a lot, lately. Do things have to get heated and ugly in order to be considered interesting and fun? Is it just human nature to think so? When I see all of the FB threads that have thousands of comments, it’s always because people are being obnoxious and...
  2. earthling_gh

    Greetings from earthling ( indian in china )

    would like to connect with business into import, export of food or NON food to promote veganism along with other goodies like organic, non GMO, eco friendly, natural, raw, probiotic, health, wellness, etc for common people, not luxury. metta ( peace, light, joy, health) for all
  3. J

    Vegans vs and interesting

    Me and my friend are both cut from different cloth. but we are both passionate about how we live. it's always more interesting of a debate in that case.
  4. C

    Cute new vegan Youtuber/ Whole good gift card giveaway!

    There's a new girl on YouTube named Earth Your Life, and she is vegan. She is cute, funny, entertaining, and most of all insightful on all things vegan. She just came out with a new video which I will link below. It's a QandA about herself. If you check out her video, subscribe and leave a...