1. J

    Vegans vs and interesting

    Me and my friend are both cut from different cloth. but we are both passionate about how we live. it's always more interesting of a debate in that case.
  2. nikiaresti

    Vegan Petition UK - Please Sign

    Would love to get backing on this! Petition: To teach UK pupils how food choices impact the environment. No other single activity has a bigger impact on the planet than the raising of livestock for meat, milk and eggs. By adding to the school curriculum we can introduce positive environmental...
  3. Dora the explorer

    Psychology of veganism

    Hi Everyone :) I am new to this forum and I came here to ask for your help fellow vegans. I am a health psychology student and I have the chance to create an intervention for obesity, cholesterol and heart disease. So I dreamed up a non- profit, vegan organization whereby vegan volunteers would...