Two months vegan, and totally disappointed by the vegan on vegan war


Dec 5, 2016
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There are too many vegan vs. vegan fights, vegans hating on vegetarians, raw vegans hating on vegans and on top of everything the never ending plethora of people that hate vegans just because... What is happening? Has this always been this way?
Vegans with big social media presence spewing hateful rhetoric, judging other vegans left and right...
I'm not generalizing, I'm sure there are exemplary vegans out there, but still this is horrifying.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I do not follow any particular vegan on social media, but if you look at it as a business, they need to do something to attract attention, viewers. People, vegan or not, are attracted to drama. Drama sells.

Best to mind your own path and not be affected by social media.
I get what you are saying and I'm not a social media fan, however as a brand new vegan I was in need for information. I did some research which led me to documentaries on youtube and although I found useful stuff I also discovered the nasty side of the coin where some vegans work their butt off to discredit anyone else who tries.
I understand that you did not have the greatest experience as a new vegan, but there is no general solution to it. People will keep promoting drama for money (views, viewers).

How come you have decided to transition to being vegan ?
Two months ago I decided to eat vegetarian for ethical reasons and after doing research for 3 days I decided to go vegan (reality kicked me in the face) and Gary Yourofsky's speech was what sealed the deal. The cruelty of the animal products industry was a huge wake up call.
This is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

What is your experience on going vegan?
For me it was a bit instinctual: I was a meat eater, heavy one, like every meal had to have meat (including breakfast). Then some day, I just felt disgusted and could not eat anything other than fruits for a while. Then I realised I was a vegan, read a bit, watched videos, the lots.

I have not had any non-vegan cravings or any other problems. I still eat plenty of fruits (at every meal pretty much), rice, potatoes, beans .. that sort of stuff. I do not like to eat raw greens ... but I like cooked spinach for example.

What are some of your favourite dishes ?
I used to eat a lot of red meat, constantly. Luckily and extraordinarily, I haven't craved any animal products at all.

I try to eat as clean and balance as I can, I rarely eat processed meat replacements I'm more into the ordinary veggies, starches, nuts and seeds. My favorites are huge loaded salads with a ton of beans and avocados.
Recently, I realized I wasn't eating much fruit so I started drinking smoothies almost everyday just to make sure I have some fruit everyday, and it's been great. It satisfies my sweet tooth.

This week I tried the overnight oats and I was shocked how good they are with some fruit and soy milk.

Also, becoming vegan has made me discover so many tastes. I decided that every time I go to the supermarket I would buy one exotic fruit/vegetable and so far it's been so much fun. This week I got a starfruit and a persimmon. Never tasted them before but I'm excited.
Hmmm ... where do you live ? I do not recall seeing starfruit and persimmon in the local supermarkets in UK. Best fruit I have ever tasted was in October when I visited Prague (in Czech Republic). It is called cherimoya and saw it only in this small exotic shop.
I live in New York, I guess they import a ton of things here. Where in the UK are you? Is it hard to be vegan over there? Do you have a lot of options?
I live near London. It cannot be hard to be vegan anywhere in the world ... there are fruits, potatoes, rice, beans and greens in any country.

If you are referring to vegan places, and vegan cuisine in restaurants, that can be a bit tricky to find. Whilst London is well represented, I actually like to hang out in Brighton (a town on the South coast). But being vegan is not common, and only certain towns have vegan dedicated restaurants.

I would imagine NY has plenty of vegan options.