1. L

    Making Compromise in the Vegan Lifestyle?

    Hi Y'all, I'm having a moral 'crisis.' I have been vegetarian since I was 12 and have been vegan for a decade. I have many wonderful recipes and creations to share. Recently, I had to have a septoplasty, as I had a twice-deviated septum, to my left down the length of my nose and to the right...
  2. gonegreengirl

    What's up with quinoa

    I keep hearing and reading about the use of quinoa in western society and the subsequent consequences. Either it's starving Bolivian farmers, or devastating the environment, or it's all just a huge myth. It has been causing so much controversy for so many years now! As a result, I tend to avoid...
  3. D

    Houseplants and pest management

    Houseplants are decorative and make humans happy just by existing. Personally, I have a huge passion for them. However, plants are part of nature and there is always a possibility that you get something more than what you paid for. As for me, if I'd want to work in a houseplant store, I'd have...
  4. wolfynerd0000

    Help- I use instacart.Buying vegan stuff

    i use instacart for petty much all my of my food with in its self is vegan but they use plastic bags witch are not vegan at all (links below) iam in an ethical melt down please help Is There Animal Fat in Your Plastic Bag? 11 common items in the home you mistakenly think are vegan-friendly...
  5. S

    Veganism has to be reconsidered

    Veganism has to be reconsidered - for ethical, environmental and health considerations Over the last years, veganism has seen a steady increase in popularity. From Netflix documentaries to celebrities to everyday people that are concerned about their environmental footprint or want to overcome...
  6. B

    Endangered species-Speciesism?

    Is the life of a single child really worth more than one of an endangered species? Speciesism? I am trying to get my head around the concept of Speciesism and the implications it may have when considering the inherent value of human animal life VS non human animal life. I would love to hear...
  7. V

    Vegan wedding-family doesn't understand

    Hi all, I'm puzzled. Me and my partner have been vegans for 3 years now. His family has been very supportive albeit surprised. Mine, having come from a different country, lifestyle, and culture, not so much. I have been ridiculed, interrogated, and it hurt. We've been engaged for 2 years now...
  8. Gaspard

    Equality & Argument From Marginal Cases: inconsistencies

    The assertion “humans and non-human-animals are not equal” is inconsistent with the Argument From Marginal Cases. Reductio ad absurdum: What ever justification asserts that humans and animals are not equal could be applied to humans only. So this would imply that humans are not all equals...
  9. Jaydoesitgood

    Horse dillemma

    So, you remember that one horse obsessed girl that every elementary school ever had? Thats me. Ive been head over heals for them my entire life. Have a million horse books, a breyer model horse collection, and I owned a horse right up until I had to go to college and donated him to a charity...
  10. MadamSarcastra

    'Blood Cashews'

    Blood Cashews: The Toxic Truth About Cashew Production THE MAGNIFICENT CASHEW–MYSTERIOUS & DANGEROUS!
  11. Carolyn d.

    Dilemma about an antique brass birdcage

    I am sad to say that my mother loved to keep singing canaries in our house in the 60s and 70s. Initially they were in a larger bamboo cage but then she found an antique brass cage that is no larger than 15 by 15 inches and kept a bird in that. After her last bird died she saved the cage and...
  12. unjustifiable existence

    Hesitant to eat anything

    Recently I've been in phases where don't buy anything to eat at all and am in one such phase now. If anything causes more harm to animals than another food, then I want to eat the food that causes the least harm. The thing is I don't know what food does cause the least harm. I had figured at...
  13. PlantPoweredMermaid

    Disagreements with non-vegan sibling

    My brother, who is three years younger than me (I am a teenager), seems to be very close-minded when it comes to the reasons for being an ethical vegan. He doesn't understand how the milk, egg, honey, etc. industries are cruel and often asks me why, so I give him a logical and clear explanation...
  14. JayC

    Survey Empathy survey - who are more empathetic vegan or meat-eaters?

    Howdy! I am conducting a survey where I look into the relationship between diet and empathy. Currently, there are a few studies on this topic, but they often have a small sample size, my hope is to get many participants as possible, so please do complete it! If you have ever wondered whether...
  15. B

    Outlet store products?

    I have no problem buying wool etc from thrift or antique stores, as none of the money goes to the original company and I am not creating more need for that animal product - is the same true for outlet stores? Do the items you buy create a demand for that specific animal product like it does...
  16. Second Summer

    History A good leader vs a good person

    Does a good leader have to be a good person? Or are perhaps these two qualities mutually exclusive? Niccolo Machiavelli, the 16th century author of The Prince, said that while it would theoretically be wonderful for a leader to be both loved and obeyed, a good prince should always err on the...
  17. H


    Mussels are not sentient. Would you have a problem with someone eating them and still calling themselves vegan? Sure, technically they are animals, but I'm more concerned with ethics than specifics. They have minimal to no affect on the environment when harvesting. My morals and standards still...
  18. Ta.Gutier

    Two months vegan, and totally disappointed by the vegan on vegan war

    There are too many vegan vs. vegan fights, vegans hating on vegetarians, raw vegans hating on vegans and on top of everything the never ending plethora of people that hate vegans just because... What is happening? Has this always been this way? Vegans with big social media presence spewing...
  19. L

    Charity Support the calf sanctuary...An inspirational story... Please check out the links :) (Hopefully this is allowed)
  20. W

    Lions shot in Chile - man entered deliberately

    So this raises interesting ethical issues. See this BBC article: A young man in Chile forcefully entered a lion pen, then stripped down, at a zoo in an apparent suicide bid. Zookeepers shot dead the two lions that were on the attack...