1. G

    Making a living-Vegan & Ethically-sourced products & services

    I'd like to make a living and increase accessibility to vegan & ethically-sourced products & services. What products, platforms, methods, or resources can you recommend? How might I save time and effort?
  2. Jinendra Singh

    Can fashion be ethical and sustainable?

    fashion ethical and sustainable at same time is it possible ??
  3. Gabby

    Affordable ethical clothing brands?

    Hello! Wondering if anyone has some suggestions on cute ethical clothing brands! Most of my ethical clothing comes from very expensive brands and I was wondering if anyone knows any that are more affordable. Thanks :))
  4. heilo

    Wanting to quit. food waste? less vegetables after going vegan?

    Hello, Please tell me I'm wrong and convince me to stay vegan in a logical and valid way!!!! I have been vegan for 2+ years. I am starting to question whether my actions are truly ethical and healthy for me. My first qualm: My first year of being vegan was great. Slowly over the past year...
  5. J

    Media Kickstarter- some great sustainable vegan campaigns!!

    Have you guys seen/ know of Kickstarter? a cool way to support some amazing ideas- here are some awesome ones:- xx
  6. K

    Product Cruelty-free, organic products

    Hello everyone! I have been a vegetarian since 2011 and I am a HUGE animal lover. I sell products for Radiantly You. My website is If you are looking for an ethical, cruelty-free company, I encourage you to check out the products. Most of the products are vegan and...
  7. D

    Greenville, nc plant-based

    Hey! I'm Haley; I just joined this website after becoming frustrated that I don't know any vegans in my personal life, but wanting to connect with people with similar interests. I've been vegan for almost a year, but I'm not a junk food vegan: no oil, fried foods, fake meats and cheeses, etc...
  8. H

    Good ethical 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner? preferably feminine but i'm not picky.

    Basically the title.
  9. Ta.Gutier

    Two months vegan, and totally disappointed by the vegan on vegan war

    There are too many vegan vs. vegan fights, vegans hating on vegetarians, raw vegans hating on vegans and on top of everything the never ending plethora of people that hate vegans just because... What is happening? Has this always been this way? Vegans with big social media presence spewing...
  10. C

    Ethical slippers?

    I am looking for some house slippers to add to my Christmas list for my always cold feet. They must be vegan and preferably from a brand that has fair labor and eco-friendly initiatives (so not a $10 pair from Target). There are a lot of awesome websites with these standards that sell shoes but...