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I just can't get my head around some of these shows they have like the "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" type shows where they make people eat an insect to pass a test etc. I have to admit I've not watched these shows mainly because I've not had a tv for over 20 years, but do know of them. As soon as I see animal abuse/exploitation on a film on the computer it normally puts me off to the point of looking for something else to watch straight away.
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Great idea.
Don't see it happening.
I think those of you living in Florida should get this started in your state. I'd love to see the FL governor and legislature deal with it.

Mandatory Lessons on Animal Slaughter in Schools

We demand that primary schools be required to teach students about the process of animal slaughter. They need to understand the realities of the meat industry, which can help them make informed dietary choices, and hopefully reduce meat consumption, and improve animal welfare and the environment.

@Lou I have mixed feelings about teaching students about animal slaughter. I do believe some of them would be motivated to make more effort not to harm animals- but others might became desensitized. Example from when I was in Fifth Grade (back in the early 1960s!!!!) (possibly upsetting tale):

I was in Fifth grade, and somehow our class had a few tadpoles- maybe 2 or 3?-in an aquarium. As time went on they naturally changed into frogs. One of the students pithed and dissected one of them, with the teacher's permission. Most of the students were crowded around, watching, but I stayed away. I wasn't very upset or crying or anything- my family fished, and Dad sometimes killed fishes he had caught to eat, so I was somewhat desensitized to it. I still just thought it was wrong. But looking back, I know exposure to this and other forms of animal mistreatment lowed down my progress through pescatarianism and vegetarianism. But on the other hand, I knew a vegetarian neighbor- an elderly gentleman- and had positive experiences with cats, dogs, squirrels, and various animals at a game farm / petting zoo near my home town.

I don't know. My social environment when I was growing up was what it was, and my inherent tendencies were what they were. I think I ultimately went veg from a combination of my exposure to loveable animals, something inherent in myself, and my family/friends/associates. But I can't help thinking that I might not have been able to do it if I had grown up in a subculture where animals were routinely mis-used- such as one co-worker who grew up on a farm where his family routinely slaughtered chickens, pigs, and cows.
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