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I am just in the process of moving to a vegan diet. I can live without cheese and eggs; soya yoghurt and ice cream are ok; but I can't find a palatable milk substitute. I've tried soya, oat and cashew but can't manage and make me feel nauseous. I usually get through quite a lot of milk in porridge, on cereal and in tea & coffee.

Can anyone recommend milk alternatives? Are some brands better than others? And what about enviromental and health issues?

Any suggestions really appreciated.

Hey,my girlfriend and I have just started a plant based plans Facebook group to share our favourite vegan recipes and help new vegans with their transition 😀🌿🍉

your more than welcome to Join we would love to help you out 👍😊

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Hello 👋,
Please sign and share this petition to help save the YouTuber Keeping It Dutch’s pigs from becoming bacon and his chickens and other animals from becoming other meats!!!! Please do whatever you can to kindly persuade Keeping It Dutch to go vegan and promote the vegan message as much as possible, to as many people as possible!!!
Thank you 😊.
Best Wishes to all,
Have the best day and night ever!
Not a petition - just add a comment

...."submitting one more comment—not based on facts and figures, but one from your heart. Use our comment form linked below and tell the Committee how ditching dairy changed your life for good. "

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