Rampant Racism in America

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New DOJ Report Shows World Has Been Gaslighting Angry Youth of Baltimore
The following is just one excerpt that left me utterly chilled to the bone....

In one stunning example of police racism, a police department template for documenting trespassing arrests already included the term "BLACK MALE" filled in:

I am so horrified & infuriated, I feel like I could shoot flaming, poison darts out of my f*cking eyes.... :mad: Holy sh*t....
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I don't think that the police, as a whole, are more (or less) racist than society as a whole. (Society is still pretty damned racist.)

I also think that the police reflect society's discomfort with/fear of mentally ill individuals and handicapped individuals.

Unfortunately, they've been trained to react with deadly force when they feel uncomfortable or afraid.

That has to change, and society's biases and bigotries, of which police biases and bigotries are part, also need to change.
‘Brutal’ video shows white officer violently arresting black man sitting on his mother’s porch
(A must read ... here's just an excerpt)
At one point, Cole took Yourse’s phone from his hand as he was talking to someone. Moments later, Cole punched Yourse in the face.

“You can’t do that! What are you doing?!” Yourse said “You didn’t have to punch me in my eye!”

“Yes I did!” Cole responded.

Cole then forced Yourse to the ground, as the latter kept screaming: “I’m not resisting! I’m not resisting! I am not resisting!”

“You are resisting the whole time!” Cole said.
If you want an idea of the scale of this, just do a search for "swat team kill man at wrong address". Scary! :eek:
Ugh... maybe tomorrow. I'm reading positive stories right now, don't wanna be in a horrible mood all night.... :|
New York police officer kills mentally ill black woman - BBC News
A US police officer has been stripped of his gun and badge after he shot a mentally ill black pensioner dead.
(At least the police ain't sexist ...)
Update - 21 oct - http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/21/opinion/the-death-of-deborah-danner.html
Ms. Danner, 66, now joins a tragic group of people whose mental illness leads them into a dangerous, often fatal, collision with the police. She would have been another cipher, another mental-health casualty, her inner struggles known only to her family and friends, but for a remarkable essay she wrote four years ago, “Living With Schizophrenia,” which her lawyer shared with The Times.
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