1. TopoGigio

    Minority vegans

    If being Vegan is not hard enough for the average person; imagine being a Vegan while being of a certain ethnic minority living in a Western country. Are there are Vegans in here who are ethnically in the minority? I personally don't think there are such thing as ''races'' but that doesn't...
  2. Amy SF

    US Four Confederate Monuments removed in New Orleans

    Overshadowed by other news, this past week, four Confederate monuments were removed from public display in New Orleans, Louisiana, prompting a racist backlash from at least one Southern politician who doesn't even represent Louisiana, but neighboring Mississippi...
  3. Second Summer

    UK UK's biggest buy-to-let landlord bans 'coloured' tenants

    In fact, he made a long list of the kinds of people he didn't want to rent to, though 'coloured' people aren't listed specifically. More: UK's biggest buy-to-let landlord 'bans "coloured" tenants | Daily Mail Online (29. March 2017)
  4. MadamSarcastra

    Rampant Racism in America

    Minneapolis Officials Don't Seem to Care Whether Their Police Have Ties to White Power Groups
  5. Spang

    US Gun Control Laws and Law Enforcement

    The United States has a gun violence problem and a racist law enforcement problem. Gun control laws, like so many other laws, will disproportionately affect people of color. Additionally, I'm not convinced that it will solve the gun violence problem, as police kill people too--with guns (1,207...
  6. Second Summer

    "Sexual racism" - is it really racism?

    More: ‘No Blacks’ Is Not a Sexual Preference. It’s Racism (9. September 2015) So if a person's desires are racist, then do they just have to accept that they're racists, or is there a way to change their desires? I mean, such desires would likely be rather deeply wired in their subconscious.