UK UK's biggest buy-to-let landlord bans 'coloured' tenants

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Apr 26, 2012
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Oxfordshire, UK
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A property tycoon who banned 'coloured' tenants from his homes because he claims they make them smell of curry has today insisted he is not racist and believes 99 per cent of Britons would so the same.

Fergus Wilson, 69, said it was an 'economic decision' made after he was left £12,000 out of pocket from ridding a home and its carpets of food odour smells.

Mr Wilson, who has also banned single mums and 'battered wives' from renting his Kent homes, maintains his diktat is not racist because he is happy to rent to 'n*****s' because 'they haven't generated a curry smell at the end of the tenancy'.
In fact, he made a long list of the kinds of people he didn't want to rent to, though 'coloured' people aren't listed specifically.
More: UK's biggest buy-to-let landlord 'bans "coloured" tenants | Daily Mail Online (29. March 2017)
What a nice person!

If I am not mistaken, one of the reasons of wealthy industrialists to want BREXIT is the possibility to keep discriminating on such lofty criteria in the future...
Aren't there anti-discrimination laws in Britain designed to prevent such housing bans, like the laws we have in the US?