1. Indian Summer

    Video: George Monbiot on climate change and capitalism

    George Monbiot says it well in this short clip from Frankie Boyle's New World Order (11th April 2019): He's right, of course. A goal of perpetual economic growth is a recipe for disaster. We urgently need a better way to measure human welfare than GDP.
  2. Indian Summer

    UK UK's biggest buy-to-let landlord bans 'coloured' tenants

    In fact, he made a long list of the kinds of people he didn't want to rent to, though 'coloured' people aren't listed specifically. More: UK's biggest buy-to-let landlord 'bans "coloured" tenants | Daily Mail Online (29. March 2017)
  3. Indian Summer

    Fat Cat Wednesday

    More: UK's top bosses have already earned more than we will make all year (4. January 2017)