Periods, eating disorders and veganism


Jan 23, 2018
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hello. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder and it has beed pretty bad until September or October when I’ve restricted my intake badly. Then I’ve gradually started to add calories, first up to 1500-1600 and now even 1900-2500. I consider myself active, I do yoga and walk daily for about an hour, plus bodyweight exercises. I use cronometer, and I have over 100% of every vitamin and mineral. I don’t have a period though. Do you think I’ll get it back now that I eat well again?


May 31, 2017
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Having anorexia for a long period of time does a lot of damage to your body. Your hormones will probably regulate again to get your period. Have you talked to a doctor about it yet? I also applaud you for doing so well now. It's a hard thing to overcome and sounds like you are doing very well.


Dec 11, 2017
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I went through a similar thing when I was at university and it took about 6 months for my period to come back once I started eating more again.
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