eating disorder

  1. R


    Hello 👋, I started eating a health food kept brownie thingy, which I got before I was vegan. I didn’t think about it not being vegan beforehand, but I read the ingredients, to reveal that it had bovine collagen in! I carried on eating it so that I didn’t have to just throw it out. I feel bad...
  2. R

    What are some effective ways to go vegan gradually?

    Hello, I am an ex-vegan veggie. I am 26 years old and Autistic. I was vegan for about five years, before going back to veggie. I now go to and fro from veggie to vegan depending on how anxious/otherwise mentally unwell I am feeling. I have undiagnosed BED (binge eating disorder). I was on...
  3. Queen of Strawberries

    Veganism is triggering a replapse?

    I'm Vegan (well, technically vegetarian right now - but that's a long story) for the animals and I don't EVER EVER EVER want to give it up. but I've been doing some research and I just found out about bone char in sugar, and how many of the foods I was going to consume (AKA candy for a...
  4. heilo

    Wanting to quit. food waste? less vegetables after going vegan?

    Hello, Please tell me I'm wrong and convince me to stay vegan in a logical and valid way!!!! I have been vegan for 2+ years. I am starting to question whether my actions are truly ethical and healthy for me. My first qualm: My first year of being vegan was great. Slowly over the past year...
  5. Soffiare

    How do i convince my parents

    Hello! Before I say anything you should know that I have a restrictive Eating Disorder as a result of a heavy depression and severe OCD. I am very interested I'm becoming vegan and I believe that it could help me add more variety to my diet, however I foresee my parents being very against it...
  6. Soffiare

    Veganism and eating disorders

    Hi everyone! An aspiring vegan here. Like most of you I have tons of reasons to go vegan, I have done my research, read books, made meal plans and analized my options as a vegan. I have planned meals that give me all the nutrients and I have wrote a letter to my parents. There is one issue. I...
  7. Veggienerd

    Overly obsessed with food

  8. V

    Periods, eating disorders and veganism

    hello. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder and it has beed pretty bad until September or October when I’ve restricted my intake badly. Then I’ve gradually started to add calories, first up to 1500-1600 and now even 1900-2500. I consider myself active, I do yoga and walk daily for about an...
  9. D

    Veganism & restrictive eating disorders

    Hi there! I´m wondering if anyone here has experience with going vegan after recovering from a restrictive eating disorder. I´ve been vegan before (3 years in total but that´s now 4 years ago, I´m currently flexitarian) but after suffering from anorexia I´m not sure whether I should go back...