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May 30, 2016
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Hello there, I am starting up an all natural company, I believe Mother Nature has the answer for all our problems.
I'm allergic to everything. Ok I am over exaggerating, I am allergic to a lot of things, so eczema made frequent appearances on my skin.
I had a job working in The Body Shop, I decided to play Russian Roulette and apply their Shea Butter Body Butter, and as you have already guessed, I broke out in a rash. (This is not to discredit The Body Shop in anyway, I absolutely swear by their Tea Tree and Vitamin C lotions) Looking at the back of a lot of their lotions and butters I noticed loads of -ates,-cones,-ides. All these unnatural ingredients, for what? I decided that I wanted to make high quality, affordable and all natural products for people who are concious of what they put on their skin, hence Mane's Naturals was formed.
All our recipes are all natural and home made:

Click here to buy our Coconuts and Cream, 500ml.
Unfortunately you can't eat this, though looking utterly scrumptious.
We have so many more all natural recipes we will be releasing soon. To stay up-to-date follow us on our social media:
INSTAGRAM < Click link
Thank you for reading, can't wait to get in contact with you x