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Mar 11, 2015
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Okay, so I posted a thread the other day regarding Ben & Jerry's releasing vegan alternatives in the US which as they haven't reached the UK yet and probably wont for awhile made me think of what vegan ice cream we do actually have available here in the UK, I only actually know a few off the top of my head that are easily accessible at my local supermarket or I could just order online form somewhere like

I was thinking we could make a list of known vegan ice cream that's available here in the UK, I've searched and there only seems to be a "Top" list of vegan ice cream so hopefully this will help other vegans find ice cream they like the taste of. o_O

If you post a link with the ice cream you've found I'll add it to the list below though it has to be available in the UK.

It's a small list though the below are all I have found/tried so far, lets add to the list!

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Smooze ice lollies. The coconut flavour is AMAZING and very creamy - more like a cross between lolly and ice cream. They only use natural ingredients and no sugar (agave instead I believe).

Booja Booja also do cashew-based ice creams.
There's also So Delicious which is available in the UK.

I'm sure I've tried more, will post when I remember.
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Sounds like I'll need to give the coconut flavour a try ;)

I'll add to the list!
There are a ton of fruit sorbets out there that are vegan too. Waitrose does a vegan mango sorbet.

There's also the classic recipe of freezing and then blending a banana = banana ice cream which can then be flavoured too.

CoYo also do ice cream, as do Food Heaven and Mama Cucina. See here.
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I've never seen those Smooze freeze-at-home bars- and they are in sainsburys too??
I'll be heading down that aisle tomorrow! :kissing_heart:
I've never seen those Smooze freeze-at-home bars- and they are in sainsburys too??
I'll be heading down that aisle tomorrow! :kissing_heart:

Yes if you follow the link and scroll to the bottom it lists the stockists (and includes Sainsburys!).
I saw Almond Dream, salted caramel in sainsburys today. It is newly stocked. for some reason I did not buy some. Regretted that when I got home. lol
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Has everyone heard about the new chocolate Swedish Glace? It's delicious and sold in Tesco!
Freeze a few very ripe bananas (peel and chop them first) and blend them in a high speed blender or food processor with a tablespoon of nut butter. would not believe how creamy and 'ice creamy' it goes. You would never know it was just banana!
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I just did a side-by-side taste test of this Swedish glace with the coconut "snowconut" frozen yogurt. Despite preferring sorbets to ice cream I have to say that Swedish glace is really yummy ... and relatively inexpensive. It reminds me of my childhood ... full of chemicals though. Yikes. A frozen banana homemade recipe would be much much much healthier.
just tried the sweedish glace vanilla today and it was amazing! it being the first vegan ice cream i've tried I was very impressed, super creamy :)
I tried the swedish glace this weekend and it was amazing. i have a tesco 2 mins from my house so knowing i can get icecream 24 hours a day is very dangerous!