1. Pim

    Finding vegan wine

    Do you drink vegan wine, as a vegan?
  2. M

    finally found a vegan crouton! 🙏

    if people think all vegans eat is salads then why is it so hard to find a darn vegan crouton!!! my local kroger has like 30 croutons and all have butter flavor or milk in them. it's insane. found this brand kooshy croutons here in IL at my fresh thyme and they're delicious and vegan...
  3. C

    Vegan Supermarkets

    Hi everyone! I'm currently looking up at setting up a zero-waste supermarket, potentially with delivery - if we can find ways to avoid CO2 and wasteful packaging. If anyone here could take a few minutes to fill out a simple survey for market research that would be fantastic! Should only take a...
  4. thegypsykitchen

    Product Help with my new business

    Hi I've recently started a business selling vegan fridge & freezer ready meals in the Uk. We are open to delivery but are currently in the process of putting together our recipes and menus. So a few questions to ask all those vegans out there: - Would you but a vegan freezer or fridge meal...
  5. W

    Marks & Spencer publish comprehensive vegan-friendly list

    For forum members of the UK, Marks & Spencer - a few weeks ago - published a fully-comprehensive list of their vegan foods. They say: These foods have been produced under controlled conditions to prevent any cross contamination. [...] This list does not contain categories such as basic fruit...
  6. Damo

    Ice Cream List

    Okay, so I posted a thread the other day regarding Ben & Jerry's releasing vegan alternatives in the US which as they haven't reached the UK yet and probably wont for awhile made me think of what vegan ice cream we do actually have available here in the UK, I only actually know a few off the top...
  7. W

    Surprising items

    Noticed this in Waitrose yesterday: There was also a butternut squash spaghetti. Viva la fruit! I can only assume that this means there is a rising demand for healthy, uncooked foods. Interesting.