Jul 27, 2017
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Hi I've recently started a business selling vegan fridge & freezer ready meals in the Uk. We are open to delivery but are currently in the process of putting together our recipes and menus. So a few questions to ask all those vegans out there:
- Would you but a vegan freezer or fridge meal packaged that you could easily cook in your microwave or oven?
- What type of meals would you like to see?
- Would you like us to use meat/ cheese susbstitutes or would you prefer the meals to be based on whole natural foods? We currently are working on using all natural whole ingredients with 'no nastys' - what do you guys think?
- What do you miss most whilst being vegan and would you be happy to shop further a field to find these meals?
- Any more comments or helpful tips welcome
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substitutes are not always healthy and you quit meat for a healthy living right?
also, the microwave oven should stay in a museum only with a "DO NOT USE" sticker applied :)
moreover..frozen products means low quality.