Surprising items

Waitrose is also one of the first shops in my area to stock Vegan Quorn pieces!
I am so happy.

The lady at my local health food store today was very helpful, she was telling me which 'cheeses' are the best and recommending dairy free products. Seems the Vio cheese is superior to most others. I must concur, thinly sliced in a toasted bagel is the most scrumptious snack.

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Co-op are really good. They have a lot of laundry and cleaning products that are cruelty free also.
Crumpets tend to be vegan in most places I have found.
Sainsbury's square 'toaster' crumpets are labelled 'vegan'.
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Maybe the deluxe ones have butter in them?
My daughter (luckily!) only likes the basic ones. Strange child! :blush:
I've also noticed many of the aldi breads are vegan, but do check the labels as they state vegetarian but not vegan.
It would be great if more things could be labelled as vegan, but I guess until then scrutinising food labels keeps us on our toes!
A friend showed me some butternut squash spaghetti she had bought in Tesco, but it said stir fry on it, so not really spaghetti, which you would boil, more butternut squash noodles.
Noticed these today. Totally vegan! Fox's Dark Chocolate Chunkie Cookies :)
Apparently vegan. A friend mentioned it. Not very healthy, of course.