1. Kiwi Look Alikes.

    Kiwi Look Alikes.

    You would just have to...
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    Would it be healthy to just eat organic fruits, vegetables, beans, tofu and rice?

    Hi , I was watching a Freelee video. I remembered a comment that said that Freelee only ate fruit (which isn’t true, if I’m right). I would like to lose some weight. My weakness is chocolate and sweet things. I love chocolate and sweet stuff. Thank you .
  3. L

    Organic or loose fruit and vegetables?

    Do you buy organic vegetables or loose produce (which, generally is not organic)?. Both have environmental benefits- organic produce doesn't use fertilisers that contaminate water, harm and kill animals but is generally packaged in plastic whilst non-organic foods are much easier to find...
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    Product Fresh and freeze-dried tropical fruit

    Hi VeganForum! We are Thai Chi Export, a wholesaler and exporter of fresh, frozen and freeze-dried fruits based in Bangkok, Thailand. We're currently looking for importers and distributors of fresh tropical fruits from Thailand as well as our snack brand, Tropical Treats. First, fresh fruit...
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    Fruit curry

    Ingredients 2 onions ½ fresh pineapple ½ fresh small papaw 1 tablespoon oil 1–2 tablespoons curry powder 1 green apple, peeled 2 bananas, sliced ¼ cup desiccated coconut ⅔ cup coconut milk ½ cup sultanas 1 or 2 tablespoons soft brown sugar ½ teaspoon salt Method 1. Cut the onion...
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    Surprising items

    Noticed this in Waitrose yesterday: There was also a butternut squash spaghetti. Viva la fruit! I can only assume that this means there is a rising demand for healthy, uncooked foods. Interesting.
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    London Fruit

    Hi everyone Does anyone know a good place to buy reasonably priced organic fruit in London? Perhaps in bulk even?