Fruit curry


Jan 29, 2017
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Queensland, Australia
2 onions

½ fresh pineapple

½ fresh small papaw

1 tablespoon oil

1–2 tablespoons curry powder

1 green apple, peeled

2 bananas, sliced

¼ cup desiccated coconut

⅔ cup coconut milk

½ cup sultanas

1 or 2 tablespoons soft brown sugar

½ teaspoon salt

1. Cut the onion into 2.5 cm pieces. Chop pineapple and papaw into 2.5 cm pieces.

2. Heat oil or ghee in a large pan. Cook onion until just soft. Add curry powder, stir 30 seconds or until fragrant. Add the apple and pineapple; cook, stirring gently, for 5 minutes.

3. Add papaw, bananas, coconut, coconut milk and sultanas; simmer over low heat 5–10 minutes or until fruit is tender and the sauce has thickened slightly.

4. Add the sugar and salt and stir. Serve with steamed rice.

Try omitting the sultanas and replace with chopped dried dates or apricots
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