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Mar 6, 2018
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Hi VeganForum!

We are Thai Chi Export, a wholesaler and exporter of fresh, frozen and freeze-dried fruits based in Bangkok, Thailand. We're currently looking for importers and distributors of fresh tropical fruits from Thailand as well as our snack brand, Tropical Treats.

First, fresh fruit. Thailand is a paradise for fruit lovers, and we are able to supply and ship them around the world. Right now mangoes are available, and durian and mangosteen season is about to start in just a few weeks.

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We also market a brand of freeze-dried fruit snacks called Tropical Treats! It's made out of 100% natural fruit - unlike other dried fruit snacks, ours contains no added sugar or preservatives. The freeze-drying process simply removes the moisture and makes it crunchy and crispy, whilst retaining all of its flavor and nutrition!


We're a wholesaler and exporter, so we don't usually do online sales - but if you're an importer, we'd be glad to send you samples. And we'd be glad to satisfy vegans' desire for delicious, fresh, exotic tropical fruits from Thailand!