Veganist ascension is useful farther ahead as vvell

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Living on Prana. This is hovv long a book should be.

Hovv I came to conclude:

Yesterday or 2 days ago I vvent by, through entropy selecting content; a post on this forum. This vvas about some person beginning to live on Prana, vvithout further information.

I had sore feet and vvas unable to go vvithdravv money (I have laid of the usage of "debit cards" and never used a credit card). Ate a little bread yesterday (not using infrastructure, had been throvvn out; I refuse to go by supermarket trashbins though, these are too despicable and bakers places have high contents of sugar = harmful microbial grovvth) and today I have not yet eaten.
So I thought today about this "Prana"; life energy - having trained to make something useful of rationalization upon the kind of surplus necessary being available; recognizing there to alvvays be rationalizing situations available, such as transitioning to inediating.
I thought; actually, vvithout this being something hindering or harming people, then "food" hereunder flesh (I live vegan though) is a form of prana (life energy - energy that has taken shape of "life" even if that has "died").

The conclusion and baseline of this; there is healthier and unhealthier consumption of Prana.

Hovvever, simply going by ecology vvhen shopping greens vvould be faulty as you also consume the "store" (it also being relevant hovv such matter is used and hovv you shop though); thus stores vvithout meat and dairy also is in the direction of ecology. This also in alignment vvith the individual; as the connection to the store is relevant for the individual plant/area - hereunder post-mortem/after death, the connection to the soul.
I though do not shop in supermarkets, mainly based on having been able to live solely ecologically from vvhat these threvv out for three months (and other "dumpster diving") - and that I boycott a supermarket called "Meny" shortly before this, these keeping lobsters in less than humane conditions and selling these to be boiled alive, vvithout ability to shut dovvn pain sensation or "faint". Indeed, vvhere you sell someone and something also is relevant.
Cannibalism -> fleshdevouring of other species vvithout being fulfilling the role of "predator" (simply hunting is not the same; self-regulatory level of nature) -> veganism/plant only -> ? .. inediate at some point.
I did consider; vve can live solely off of microbiology; though its also like quite important to not be cannibalistic on such a point.
Its like the idea of the succubus; eating the soul of a person upon having sex vvith these - might have to do vvith consuming the microbiology of a person? Should be possibly to live from, though if not "vegan" in nature, I fear this an expensive endeavour..

Vegan point

Connecting vvith a consumption line of exploitation of beings, especially their entire lives or draining their youth is an expensive endeavour; taking years from these needing to do various things to be healthy, hindering travel and akin.

Production line and necessity of distance for usability of content

So one thing; I recommend a complete distance to all forcible, hereunder drug especially, using psychiatry; also indirectly. Especially the earning of money and living off of such.
Note that vvhile I have been kept like in a leash and tied dovvn, made to produce and suffered a lot generally by psychiatry since I vvas like 19 years old; my dad vvorks in the medical industry and a former doctor (novv non-profit vvork); I have been connected to this endeavour and my youth indeed been drained, used and exploited for production. Anything inferred "insanity" or akin seems more an excuse to me; a separation barrier of sorts.
Though eh, in case I vvas demotivated or .. (difference betvveen demotivation and belovv)
The baseline; the practice of adding pain to the life-circumstances producing such harm and those indirectly doing so does make sense; meaning intentionally consuming "patients", psychiatrists and nurses and the families of these alongside peers and friends - since its not the individuals that are sought harmed; merely like pain added so that such can be navigated by.
The reason: Its more harmful than anything to be vvorking at such places;
the practice of "living" off of the sacrifice of others, especially that kind of despicability, means that you become used to this; addicted to this. The things you bring vvith you after having lived, the connections that remain, still a factor. The degree of sacrifice involved vvill grovv and grovv and grovv; become more and vvorse and upon past connection still existing, being dragged in such direction (can let go of like capability and items etc.).
The result of this; massive negativity that then is attempted suppressed and hindered; ever grovving. Not a good place to continue being.
Then a fun thing; going by the idea that the reality around us partially is a projection, vvhat if the "material" to an extent the same, on some points? Like a VR vvhere visuals, sounds, kinetic sensations, smells enable us to navigate an environment of objects that are reprensentative of energies?
This representation of energies, the "reality"; is that then fairtrade, eco, vegan, breatharian and all that in nature?

I am certain vve can consume prana in many different manners, hereunder better.
Just to point out; I am sharing this on a vegan and 12 step forum as vvell; in case of rationalization or pressure on "hovv prana is consumed" you have an idea. The "need to" vvas triggered after/about "though eh.. in case..".
That I have edited this text should be visible, that its not intuitively vvritten entirely; not a continuity flovv in that sense. That its vvritten vvith editability being possible and thus partaking in incitement being generated.