I quit :(


Aug 23, 2017
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I dont think i can continue being a vegan. I have done everything in my power for the last few moths and have followed everything to the "t". Im getting fat i am always bloated and i feel aweful all the time. I have cut some things added other things etc and i cant still fit on my pants. Yesturday for lunch i cooked some chicken thighs for my children. I of course only ate corn tortillas with mashed black beans and salad. Well, i took a piece of chicken and put it in my mouth. Felt horribly guitly but ate it anyways. When i was done with my food i didnt feel like i usually feel and i dont know why. I felt with a bit more energy and i didnt bloat like usual. I also went to the bathroom just fine unlike i used to before. I dont know if i can continue. I have seen many benefits on the vegan diet. Benefits like my skin looks beautiful, my hair and nails have more shine than ever and my hair has stopped falling out. Jusy want to say goodbye to all and thank you all for all the advice. Maybe i will still continue as a vegetarian instead and see how that works out.
Good luck, Nino. I had an easier route to veganism. I was vegetarian for many years (30+). I think the vegetarian lifestyle is much easier and maybe with time you will be able to come back to the vegan way.
Good luck nino, suggest try going back to your old diet and then steadily transitioning, reducing meat/animal products over time as long as your health feels OK etc, but not rushing it. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Hi Nino,

Could I make a suggestion and see what you think? I believe that everyone should have some “own time”. This applies especially to the busiest people who have both a job and home responsibilities. It is good for the soul to be away from all the day to day demands even if it is just one hour a week.

And if used for exercise such as a keep fit club or swimming or running you are also helping with weight problems. Healthy body and healthy mind. Very healthy body and very healthy mind.

I would think that the keep fit club suggestion might be best because you could socialise with people who would have absolutely no demands to make of you. And perhaps the running suggestion might not be too clever for Louisiana!

Callador has it spot on. Weight is always a matter of calories in: calories out. Calories in > calories out = gain. Calories in < calories out = loss. Calories in = calories out = as you were.

Good luck with whatever you do and please remember that “sinners” are always welcome back to the fold. :)

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Well nino, you gotta do what you gotta do. No judgment. Hope you get back to feeling better on your next food plan. :)
Best of luck on your journey. I would take a break, and like others said, slowly transition yourself back to the vegan lifestyle. Do some research about things you can eat, and note what items didn't work well for you in the past.
Don't beat yourself up about it. I've tried 2 or 3 times to be vegan and never followed it through. It's just too hard/inconvenient for me at the moment. I've compromised in that I try to eat Veggie when I can and have cut right down on animal products in general. Importantly, though, I'm not hard on myself when I do eat meat or have a drop of milk in my tea. It's a journey