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Dec 11, 2015
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Hi I wonder if anyone has any ideas. My husband and I have been vegetarian for 25 years my husband became vegan just over a year ago and we have since moved to Southern Spain. I have IBS which means that the types of food I can eat are limited - ie no gluten, onions, raw garlic, beans cucumber, anything too spicy, cows milk etc- the list goes on. I am really struggling with food for us both. I can rarely eat what I cook for him due to chilli and onions! I am totally fed up with my diet and feel like my husband is following a poor vegan diet due to my lack of ideas. Also this area is great for vegetables but difficult for 'vegan' products. Lunches are particularly difficult. My IBS has been worst this last year and I have considered eating fish again but really don't want to after all these years. - Anyway does anyone have any ideas or advice or experience of similar. Many thanks - Niki
There are lots of ideas here:

This might be helpful. It is at Viva (Vegetarian International Voice for Animals) has a superb cookbook that has helped me enormously going from veggie to vegan, it has 99.9% gluten free (or includes gluten free options) recipes and you don't have to worry about the dairy as it's vegan.

If you go to their contact page you can go to their health section . This looks interesting regarding IBS:
Or you can email them.

Hope this helps. How lovely to be in Spain, it's very cold here.
PS: I don't know what the drinking water is like in Spain, here it is awful, but the best thing we have bought is a Big Berkey water filter. I drink so much more water now as it tastes lovely, no nasty after taste. It cost around £225.00, worth every penny.