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Aug 6, 2016
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Hey there! I'm new here and new to veganism. I've wanted to be vegetarian/vegan for a long time, but my family managed to stop my multiple attempts at transitioning. I'm determined to switch to a vegan diet and eventually the lifestyle too. I want to be vegan for ethical, environmental and health reasons. I'd greatly appreciate any tips on transitioning in a carnivorous household.
My main worry is that I won't have access to a lot of substitutes as my parents refuse to buy them (They're not happy with me wanting to change my diet) and I also have no knowledge of supplements. I'd greatly appreciate any insight on supplements and substitutes that are available in supermarkets or are relatively cheap.
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Greetings :)

After I told my friends they literally thought I was going to die. Your parents are probably worrying that you'll become ill after not eating what's "necessary" to stay healthy.

You don't have to supplement, It's a pretty widespread misconception that people think that once you cutout meat/dairy you need to supplement or you'll fall seriously ill. There is however one vitamin that's a little hard to consume called vitamin B12 which you can find a lot more information about here. It's really important that you either eat/drink a lot of food that has been fortified with B12 or supplement, a deficiency of B12 is pretty damaging so make sure you get enough.

Where are you based?

If you're a fan of cheese, I'm sorry to say... Most vegan cheese is terrible. Unless you're based in the US, Daiya cheese is rated one of the best as a replacement but its expensive and hard to find in the UK. : unamused:
Hello and welcome to the forum. :)

You might find these threads helpful:

Take a simple vegan multivitamin for as long as you're still 'learning the ropes' of vegan nutrition. It is true that vegans do not need to supplement but I would highly recommend doing so if you are new to the diet. You'll find these in local pharmacies, no need to go somewhere special. I would also make sure that the multivitamin contains iodine, iron, and various metals that the heart needs. Iodine deficiency can be damaging too - the best vegan source would be seaweed, and that is usually why vegans don't get enough of it. Although, crispy kelp can be quite nice.

As for what you will find in supermarkets, it's best just to browse for yourself. You will learn to get the hang of it; very few of us memorise a great list and jump - successfully - head first into veganism. But you don't need to eat substitutes as long as you are eating wholesome plant-based foods. In fact, a big proportion of vegans don't tend to eat substitutes - I would probably count myself as one of them.

Take a look at the resources on - this is a good starting point.

As for vegan cheese, Violife is OK, as is Vegegusto and Mozzarisella. There are certainly some brands that are pretty awful, but each to their own. I find Violife pleasant but very mild and a bit bland - however it works very well when grated as a topping or used as grilled cheese. Vegegusto are an excellent brand but a little harder to get hold of. There are also plenty of easy vegan cheese recipes too, however, and you'll find a few of those here on the forum.

I have not tried Daiya cheese. Lots of people rave about it but very hard to get in the UK. So I guess we'll just have to wait for it along with vegan Ben & Jerry's ice cream. :p

All the best.
Hello there! Nice to meet you and welcome :) I understand that it can be quite difficult when your household isn't on the same page as you regarding food choices. I suggest that you educate yourself and show them that you really do know what you are talking about. Most people are afraid of things that go against their core belief system and what society has drilled into their head so it can be sacry for them to be faced with something that is the opposite of what they were taught.
I would try your best to explain to them how important this choice is for you and that you respect their choices to eat meat so they should respect yours to not.
Remember, knowledge is power.
Check out for quick videos and research driven facts.