1. S

    Supplements - omega 3 and children

    Hi All, New vegan :) Have been doing lots of research!! I had already invested in a multivitamin for the winter which luckily are veggie at least and have B12 and iodine. the only other supplement i am considering is Omega 3 which i under stand i need 250mg DHA/EPA. Rather than another...
  2. Tiana Rodriguez

    Vitamin supplements

    Hello all! I seem to be having a difficult time finding a good and affordable vitamin b12 supplement that is 100% vegan. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you Tiana
  3. L

    Survey Hey guys, I need your help!

    Hello everyone, I am a student and I would like to get some answers from the vegan community concerning supplementation for my assignment in gym class. Please complete my survey at: Thanks a bunch!
  4. M

    Not feeling well, advice?

    Need some advice from other vegans. I went vegan 3 months ago, up until now i've been fine but now i'm feeling quite weak and have body aches and pains everyday, my body snaps and cracks a lot also. It's possible I could feel poorly because I have not been taking a b12 supplement but have...
  5. night unicorn


    Hey there! I'm new here and new to veganism. I've wanted to be vegetarian/vegan for a long time, but my family managed to stop my multiple attempts at transitioning. I'm determined to switch to a vegan diet and eventually the lifestyle too. I want to be vegan for ethical, environmental and...
  6. nothingfishyomega

    Product Cheap plug for our vegan Omega 3 product...

    Hello everyone, We would like to introduce our vegan Omega 3 product, somewhat appropriately named, nothingfishy. So what is Omega 3 DHA and why should you care? You're probably already aware of Omega 3 and the health benefits. Omega 3 DHA is particularly good for heart, brain and eyes...