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Oct 28, 2019
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Hi, I'm wondering if you can help...

I'm catering an event at work and we have a number of vegans attending. I have searched high and low for sandwich or wrap platters available to pre-order but although I can find lots of vegetarian options, I have yet to find anything suitable for a vegan diet.

Has anyone done something similar that can help point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.
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This question really needs to be asked of the caterer.

But here are a couple of good examples.

Subway has a sandwich called the veggie delight, and it can be turned vegan.
You just have to order the veggie delight without cheese. and you need to be a little careful with the bread choices. Some of their breads are not vegan. The whole wheat is surprisingly non-vegan because its fortified with non-vegan Vitamin D. But the french bread and the sourdough options are not fortified and therefore vegan. For the spreads, you just can't use mayo or honey mustard. I think all of the others are vegan.

Wraps are pretty easy to veganize. Just take any vegetarian recipe and eliminate the cheese. And of course, no mayo or honey mustard but those aren't used too often in wraps.

but seriously ask your caterer. They should have something already figured out, and if not its a good idea to make them aware of the special concerns.
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There are quite a few options when catering for vegans.

Fingers sandwiches (check that the bread is plant based) made with either humous or roast vegetables or thinly sliced cucumber and vegan cream cheese e.g Violife.
Finger sized nut roast.
Crudité served with dips made with pulses.
Mini tarts with a mixture of vegetables in a cashew sauce or ratatouille.
Mini skewers of fresh pineapple with vegan cheese cubes.
A selection of crackers.
Summer or fresh spring rolls made with rice paper(wrapper) served with a peanut sauce. These look spectacular when served cut in half.

You don't say whether you are in Manchester UK or Manchester US. :)

Here is a link to M&S vegan options for buffets. It's just to give you an idea of what can be done. It certainly looks tantalising. 😀

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Thank you both for your responses and suggestions.

I am in Manchester, UK so will take a look at the Subway and M&S options you've mentioned.
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Quite a familiar situation. Last month, my boss put me in charge of corporate events at work. I had to order the room and food for this party, everything was on me. We also have vegans in our company, for whom regular food is not suitable. I decided to order a Nyfta truck for a corporate event. I heard a lot from friends about this company and decided to hire them. I gave them all the wishes, and they took everything on themselves. We found suppliers of products, prepared everything, took into account the unique needs of each. As it turned out, there are companies that will solve all the problems.
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