Ben & Jerry's VEGAN Ice cream (finally)

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Mar 11, 2015
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I'm sure most of you have heard that Ben & Jerry's have finally released a pretty wide selection of ice cream that's vegan! Don't jump off your seat with too much excitement as currently the flavours which you can find here are currently only available within the US :(

However... Here's a quote from a Metro article.

When asked when we could get our hands on vegan Ben & Jerry’s, spokeswoman Lindsay Bumps told us: ‘As far as the UK… you never know what the future holds!

Here's their vegan ice cream introduction video :)

Yes - it was just released in America a few days ago. Hopefully it will filter through over here.
I'm sure they will eventually :)
For people who are interested, it would help if you ask Ben & Jerrys direct. I have already done this. According to their site, the reason they produced vegan ones is because so many people asked for them! So pester them and hopefully we can get some soon.
More excited to have it. Cant wait
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The new vegan products were recently released in the US. No idea when they will make it to international shelves though. :(
I don't think they'll keep the rest of the world waiting for long once they realise the vegan alternatives will fly off the shelf in the US :p
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