5 rules every vegan should break

Jinendra Singh

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May 22, 2018
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Some rules are meant to be broken. Besides breaking rules can give you that high you’ve been seeking for long – the feeling of a rebel.

A vegan lifestyle often demands discipline and an extra amount of effort like scanning every product’s ingredients list thoroughly before making any purchase (from food to shampoo), or double checking with the least-bothered- to- know waiter at your favorite restaurant if the ingredients in the sumptuous dish you are about to order are actually vegan. While some rules (like the above) should definitely never be broken, there are some rules every vegan is allowed to break every now and then.

So loosen up people, here are 5 rules that are totally okay to break as a vegan.

1. Don’t ask too many questions
We’ve always been told never to ask many questions – it can be impolite. But asking ‘why’ a few too many times about veganism is not just for the meat-eaters. It’s time to turn the tables and not let yourself be bullied by a group of meat-eaters in a restaurant, instead ask them why they choose to torture and kill animals when a meat-eating diet is not only inhumane but also not good for the planet and their health. Besides it’s high time they worry about their own heart problems and diabetes instead of questioning about our protein and Vitamin B12 levels.

2. Looking for cheese and meat alternatives
Once you stop looking for mock-meat and cheese alternatives a whole new world of food will start to reveal itself to you and trust us you are going to love it. The problem is when we restrict ourselves to meat and cheese food options, we kind of pigeonhole ourselves to the same old meals. But there is a lot beyond mock meat or cheese. For example, have you ever tried Indian masala dosas or Jordanian shrak and moutabel? The answer is, most likely, not. Our life has been revolving around the mundane pizza, cheeseburger, mock-meat sandwich, steaks or BBQ everything shutting our doors to the amazing food options out there that does not have anything to do with meat, cheese or dairy in its inherent form. It’s time to explore those.

3. Always being the one adjusting to please others
We get it, being in a society where 90% of people around you are not vegans can throw in some challenges when socializing. Whether it is family, friends or colleagues in the process of trying to fit-in it so happens that it’s always you who makes the adjustments or let go of your preferences. It’s time to change that. How about making your next family dinner a vegan affair – this way everyone gets to eat everything? Or how about trying out the new vegan place everyone is raving about on a Sunday lunch with friends? Just make sure to pick a good vegan restaurant that does not only serve salads and soups – so everyone can enjoy their meal. We call it a win-win situation.

4. Bullying non-vegans in groups and communities
Yes, we know it is absolutely disheartening to see how people can knowingly indulge in animal-cruelty. It is one thing to not be aware and eat meat or wear leather but absolutely another to know how and where it comes from yet still choose to inflict cruelty to animals. We don’t like it or approve of it either. However, bashing people, bullying them or using hate messages to prove your point will not lead you anywhere. Besides it also sends a wrong signal about the cause and community. Vegans are often stereotyped as overly-sensitive, obsessed, stubborn or bullies for a reason.

5. Eating healthy
“Life is short. Eat dessert first!” Whoever said that was a genius.

Establishing healthy eating habits is the foundation of your long-term good health and we couldn’t agree more. But healthy living is also about balance. Depriving yourself of the pleasures of life, especially because everyone expects you to always eat salads and smoothies, just because you are a vegan, is not fair. So say yes to that vegan cupcake and vegan pizza every once in a while!

5. Eating healthy
“Life is short. Eat dessert first!” Whoever said that was a genius.

Great advice! I do that in moderation anyway. Just don't eat junk all the time if you don't want to gain too much weight, but indulge in junk sometimes because lets face it Junk food tastes yummy and gives you something to look forward to.
Talk about family issues;

I fear even mentioning this today, different circles different fears I guess.

So in case of herding humans, that vvould be like cannibalism right? The vvrong direction.
Not that I attribute that to Jesus, but that definitely is done and may cause a hindrance of veganism and rationalization on various things as being "right" due to the attributed holiness, apart from the actual holiness of the person at least presented as real; something I do not personally doubt nor do I disbelieve the man. Does not make me Christian though.