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  1. Kvitravn

    Constant hunger

    Hi, I ve been a vegan for about 4 years now but now I came across a struggle witch kinda forced me to switch back to vegetarian diet and Im trying to figure out whether its just something I did wrong and can be fixed via vegan diet or whether its something I cant really influence... The thing...
  2. S

    Veganism has to be reconsidered

    Veganism has to be reconsidered - for ethical, environmental and health considerations Over the last years, veganism has seen a steady increase in popularity. From Netflix documentaries to celebrities to everyday people that are concerned about their environmental footprint or want to overcome...
  3. N

    Preparing for a vegan pregnancy years in advance?

    I'm recently married and we will be relocating to another state. I'm vegan and my and I are planning on starting a family in the next couple of years. We both want kids now but know that we're not ready. We also want to have time to just be us and start building a strong marriage. At the same...
  4. C

    Vegan Children's Book!!

    My son and his classmates love it, I'm sure you and your kids will too, there's lots of fun rhymes about fruits and veggies, check it out :)
  5. L

    I'm here to help

    Hi everyone, I have been vegan for 2 years and also at the same time started my bodybuilding journey. I have gained so much incredible knowledge over this time and its something I wish to share with anyone who is interested. A little bit about myself: I firstly went vegan for my health. I have...
  6. blixa

    Help! feeling fatigued and weak while eating a healthy vegan diet.

    Hi all! I am new here. I joined because I need some serious advice. My heart and soul is with veganism and I am trying really hard to make it work. In November, I decided to go for it and I did a fully plant based diet for 21 days straight with no exceptions. I wasn't eating any vegan junk food...
  7. S

    6 days into veganism

    Hi all, I'm new here, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Steve, 28 from Hertfordshire, UK. Ive been vegan for 6 days now after having countless discussions with various friends. I already feel lighter and healthier. Turning vegan has not only made me feel healthier, but it has relit my love...
  8. R

    How can i eat super healthily as a vegan?

    Hi, My name is Victoria Salter. I’m known as Rory (childhood nickname!) I’m a 23-year old female who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I went vegetarian at 13 and (nearly) vegan at about 20. Generally, my diet is pretty healthy, other than the fact that I do have a tendency to pig out on chocolate...
  9. LeoLivesLike

    Free breakfast recipe ebook (great for athletes)

    Just wrote a totally free breakfast recipe ebook that contains my abosulte favorite go-to morning meals for crazy energy and muscle building! Link below
  10. Booney

    Son of a butcher now raw vegan!

    Hi all you wonderful people and hope you're all good and well. So, It's certainly been a loooong journey for my wife and I to reach this stage, and we're probably not done yet! Anyway, we finally woke up a couple of years ago at age 50 to the amazing benefits of this lifestyle and have to say...
  11. Queen of Strawberries

    Is agave nectar healthy?

    So sorry if this is the wrong form but I'd like to know if agave nectar is healthy? I can't eat maple syrup because I have a fructose intolerance and it makes me sick if I have maple syrup. BUT I've heard that agave nectar is terrible for one's health so I'm not sure what to do.
  12. AngelaKey

    Service Loss weight diet plans tips

    Hey everyone who wants to live healthy life! I’am a fitness trainer, a personal healthy diet coach and a blogger. My mission is to make it possible to achieve the best results in losing weight strategy and improving positive thinking as well. Please, visit my resource...
  13. Jinendra Singh

    Vegan supplements for digestive system

    Hi, I want to know if anyone knows of any good vegan supplements that helps with the digestive system? I am taking Align but it contains milk. It's the only supplement I have tried that works. It helps some with my permanent chronic constipation condition. This is what Align is known for...