Son of a butcher now raw vegan!


Sep 24, 2018
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Gascony SW 🇫🇷
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image.jpeg Hi all you wonderful people and hope you're all good and well.
So, It's certainly been a loooong journey for my wife and I to reach this stage, and we're probably not done yet!
Anyway, we finally woke up a couple of years ago at age 50 to the amazing benefits of this lifestyle and have to say that there is definitely no going back to consuming animal products. We're still transitioning from some of the non edible ones though - anyone want to buy a Chestfield sofa?!
Along the way we've lost most of the 'friends' we had, alienated ourselves from family members, and after having a very active social life have virtually become hermits!
But we're happy with who and what we are now and on a mission to try and help any others who want to be helped.
We'll look at posting elsewhere some details of the French farmhouse we are working to renovate and invite
people to stay for healthy breaks away from their hectic lives. My wife wants to quit the High tech company she works for that have many unethical clients and put her energy into something much more positive and

Hope to talk to you all again soon and possibly even meet some of you!
Feel the Love
Booney et Armelle
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Well Thank you Canada!
We had a very nice young man stay last winter, a Canadian musician who helped us as a Workaway.
Excellent scheme for those who want a unique travel and work experience.
Look us up, we're the ONLY Vegan hosts for the whole Gers region!
Yes, I'm afraid this is Duck and Fois Gras country and they ain't gonna change anytime soon.
I Pray for them all.