Apr 11, 2019
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Hi everyone,
I have been vegan for 2 years and also at the same time started my bodybuilding journey. I have gained so much incredible knowledge over this time and its something I wish to share with anyone who is interested.
A little bit about myself:
I firstly went vegan for my health. I have always been very interested in how the body works and get it to its most efficient state. So I have always understood the health aspects of going vegan (and there are 1000 of benefits - its incredible)
Now I am equally vegan for the environment and of course the animals. Its what has gotten me to a very compassionate mindset filled with love and wanting to help others in the process.
I went vegan pretty much over night with a couple of set backs in the first 6 months. I believe everyone has their own journey and with some its gradual and others make a drastic change.
Whatever it is for you, be happy you are going on this journey to bettering yourself, the planet and the wellfare of the animals.
I have created my own blog ( where I share my insights of my journey. It helps me keep me accountable. But I also just want to share my knowledge. I am happy to always learn something new and will admit if I don't know anything.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.
If you do wish to reach out to me for any help I can give I am very happy to help :)
Have a wonderful day everyone!
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