1. V

    Great to meet everyone!

    Hi everyone! I was raised vegetarian but went vegan about 5 years ago. It's 100% easier being vegan today than it was vegetarian in the 90's, so shouts to everyone who paved the way from the past-present vegans! I am big into fitness and like to think I help prove the protein deficiency rumors...
  2. Benjie22

    Vegan Bodybuilding

    Hello all, I am sure this has probably been discussed a thousand times, but I just want some clear information. I recently took the steps In becoming a vegan, I have been enjoying the food and I have felt a lot healthier. However recently I have noticed muscle lose, I have dropped from 16 stone...
  3. Health Instincts

    Game Changers Anyone?

    Game changers has had a big impact on the way people view nutrition. I no longer view my health life as, eating 80% good foods and exercsing 20% of the time daily. I now view my health as, "Noursing my body with the optimal amount of what it needs." Are bodies are very adaptable and you don't...
  4. L

    I'm here to help

    Hi everyone, I have been vegan for 2 years and also at the same time started my bodybuilding journey. I have gained so much incredible knowledge over this time and its something I wish to share with anyone who is interested. A little bit about myself: I firstly went vegan for my health. I have...
  5. V

    Media Check out these black vegan athletes.

  6. LeoLivesLike

    Breakfast-Healthy high protein

    Hey guys I just updated my 1st YouTube video with an ingredients list and links of where to find them. I'd love any feedback and would love to hear how you guys personalize the recipe to your own liking!
  7. LeoLivesLike

    Just posted my 1st youtube video! Would really appreciate if if you guys took a look and gave me some feedback, will be posting more very soon!
  8. B

    Product Supplements, protein and similar :)

    Hello Everyone :D Heres a website that can provide you with all you need from super foods to vitamin b12 supplements and everything inbetween, perfect for those wanting to get fit, bodybuild or to keep super healthy in general. Have a look through the online shop and see if you find anything...
  9. NutriBite

    Product Why you need protein and carbs post-workout

    Most people are aware of the benefits of consuming protein post-workout. What is less well known is the key role that carbohydrates play in post-workout recovery. In order for muscle repair, recovery and adaptation to take place post-workout, the consumption of protein is key. However, the...
  10. Jeff2health

    Vegan fitness/bodybuilding

    I've been vegan since I was 19 years old just about when I was going to turn 20.i have been active all my life but just recently I'd say 11 months ago, I started to workout for fitness and building muscle but it's been difficult to put on weight and build muscle but my strength is going up on...
  11. Matt

    Product Hello from The Ethical Panda

    Hi Guys, We're a new vegan business specialising in protein and supplements, all vegan of course. Check us out your feedback would be much appreciated and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email
  12. Krish Jay

    Suggestion More subforums?

    Dear Forum owners I understand that the subforums are subject to people wanting to participate in them, but I would like to put forward two new categories: Philosophy and bodybuilding Philosophy because I believe its one of the major reasons why people turn vegan, in addition to health...