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Krish Jay

Jun 12, 2016
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Dear Forum owners

I understand that the subforums are subject to people wanting to participate in them, but I would like to put forward two new categories: Philosophy and bodybuilding

Philosophy because I believe its one of the major reasons why people turn vegan, in addition to health reasons... It makes sense for people to discuss their various thoughts... have a safe place for them to voice their opinions.

Bodybuilding because I believe it is probably the number one cause for men, especially young men, to Not go vegan. Veganism does not compromise the physique when done properly -

And thats just one example

Now may not be the right time for new additions, but I hope somewhere down the line you will consider this.
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Hello Krish,

@Damo and I have considered your request, and we both feel that we don't yet have the interest/the forum isn't big enough to be able to sustain two new subsections here.

We believe that the 'Health' section is adequate for your body-building posts, where there could be any number of body building threads. If these threads start to dominate the 'Health' section, we will then reconsider creating a subsection for it.

As for 'philosophy', there are a number of similar threads already in both the 'Support' and 'General' subsections. Same applies as above, i.e. if there is enough demand.

@Damo reminds me that this is how the 'Ads' subsection was created - other threads were getting saturated to the point where it was becoming unhelpful, so a new subsection was made. This is how we'll be going forward in the future.

Thanks for the suggestion though! We will certainly reconsider it in the future.
Hey guys. I'd recommend creating a new thread for the addition of Philosophy, add a poll?

If the thread/poll gets a lot of attention I'll add a Philosophy forum, adding a lot of forums without the popularity would make the forum very unappealing.
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I think it's a great idea!

There are many philosophical debates that hang around the moral issues, and let alone, the potential steps a vegan should take furthermore, rather than just searching for a "Vegan burger".

Since we speak about adding stuff, are there any Vegan artists around?
There should certainly be a spot for Vegan-Art work to be displayed :)
I'd like a philosophy area so that interested people will be able to discuss things. So often you can start out with a topic only for others to highjack it and the original discussion gets lost. There may only be a minority who want to talk about certain things and that is why a dedicated place would be both important and appreciated.