1. BethanyWard

    Teaching (calming) my fiancé

    My fiancé has recently become vegan and is really invested in animal rights...overly invested. I tried talking with him about the recent news over separating families on the Mexican/American border. He instantly brought up the fact that this is already happening to animals all around the world...
  2. Z

    Vegan at christmas

    I just became vegan a few weeks ago and my family has gifted me many sweets containing milk. Is it okay for me to eat it? If the animal has already suffered and the dairy industry has already got their money, what good will it do to throw away the candy bar? I would love to hear some other...
  3. Krish Jay

    Suggestion More subforums?

    Dear Forum owners I understand that the subforums are subject to people wanting to participate in them, but I would like to put forward two new categories: Philosophy and bodybuilding Philosophy because I believe its one of the major reasons why people turn vegan, in addition to health...