1. Second Summer

    Philosophy The Meaning of Life

    It's that time of year when every day feels like that movie 'Groundhog Day', i.e. repetition of the previous day. Is there any point to all this? What is the meaning of life, if anything? Let's hear it, what are some popular reasons to get out of bed in the morning?
  2. Second Summer

    Philosophy The ethics of isolating indigenous people from the outside world

    Recently, a Christian missionary was killed by indigenous people while visiting the forbidden North Sentinel islands. Apparently, the authorities have decided to isolate the local population from the outside world, as if they were some rare animal species needing protection so as not to go...
  3. BethanyWard

    Teaching (calming) my fiancé

    My fiancé has recently become vegan and is really invested in animal rights...overly invested. I tried talking with him about the recent news over separating families on the Mexican/American border. He instantly brought up the fact that this is already happening to animals all around the world...
  4. Second Summer

    Philosophy Free will - what does it mean and do we have it?

    I've come to believe the problem of reconciling 'free will' with determinism (or indeterminism, which is equally difficult) is not really possible with our usual understanding of what 'free will' means. So, what do you think 'free will' means or should mean? And is it compatible with reality?
  5. Z

    Vegan at christmas

    I just became vegan a few weeks ago and my family has gifted me many sweets containing milk. Is it okay for me to eat it? If the animal has already suffered and the dairy industry has already got their money, what good will it do to throw away the candy bar? I would love to hear some other...
  6. Second Summer

    Philosophy An alternative to political correctness?

    What is the alternative to political correctness? Watch this video and find out!
  7. Second Summer

    Philosophy Is spoken language the only fundamental developmental difference between humans and great apes?

    Yesterday I was reading an article about a girl who, by the time she started school, hadn't yet developed language. (She was obviously excluded and bullied a by the other children). Eventually, after trying everything else, her parents sent her to an unorthodox speech therapist who slowly...
  8. Second Summer

    Philosophy Should Batman kill the Joker?

    Think about it: The Joker is criminally insane. He's killed before, and he will kill again. If he gets locked up in Arkham, he'll eventually escape again. So killing him will save lives. In fact, would refraining from killing him when the opportunity arises be an ethically blameworthy act of...
  9. Second Summer

    Philosophy Non-Human Animals discussed on Crash Course YT Channel

    Crash Course is a major Youtube channel with more than 5 million subscribers and various topics from philosophy to history, politics and games. This was posted 4 days ago in the philosophy playlist:
  10. Second Summer

    Spirituality Higher consciousness

    This is a good watch if you have a few minutes (less than five!): Some questions related to this: Will accessing higher states of consciousness too frequently result in problems dealing with society and people around us? If so, was this easier in earlier times, or has it always been like...
  11. Krish Jay

    Suggestion More subforums?

    Dear Forum owners I understand that the subforums are subject to people wanting to participate in them, but I would like to put forward two new categories: Philosophy and bodybuilding Philosophy because I believe its one of the major reasons why people turn vegan, in addition to health...
  12. Second Summer

    Philosophy Ahimsa - a religious or a philosophical tradition?

    More: Meat is Murder | Issue 113 | Philosophy Now
  13. Second Summer

    Philosophy The limits of science

    Scientifically, the atom bomb is a fantastic achievement. But it's still a terrifying, horrible thing. I think the limits of science are also relevant in discussions about animal rights. We can show that animals are physiologically similar to humans, that they can suffer, and experience joy and...
  14. Second Summer

    Philosophy 8-bit philosophy

    Fascinated with philosophy AND oldschool / 8-bit games? Please check out this on YouTube!
  15. Second Summer

    Animal Rights 4 philosophers' views on killing animals for food

    More: Can we justify killing animals for food? - BBC News (26. October 2015) This is from a BBC Radio 4 programme called Analysis. The whole programme is available from here (UK only, I think): BBC Radio 4 - Analysis, Killing Cows I think some of Peter Singer's thinking in this article is...
  16. Second Summer

    Philosophy Unutterable truths

    This quote comes from Ludwig Wittgenstein's only book that was published in his lifetime: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (Logical-Philosophical Treatise). What do you think? Are there unutterable truths?
  17. Second Summer

    Philosophy Are you living an authentic life?

    This (the authentic life) was the topic of an article I started reading the other day. What do we mean when we talk about "an authentic life"? Is it something worth striving for?