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Apr 26, 2012
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November 1st is World Vegan Day!

But The Vegan Society goes further by declaring the whole of November World Vegan Month :)
The history of World Vegan Month
The Vegan Society first began as an offshoot of The Vegetarian Society in November 1944, when Donald Watson, Elsie Shrigley and friends felt the important need to distinguish the difference between not eating meat, and not eating any products from animals. We began celebrating the founding of The Vegan Society in 1994 and every year since, November 1st has been marked as World Vegan Day, with its significance growing to be internationally recognised.

In a natural progression, World Vegan Day evolved into World Vegan Week and now, what we celebrate as World Vegan Month; where vegans and veganism is celebrated in workplaces, shops, restaurants and in homes all over the world.
More about World Vegan Month: World Vegan Month
So what is everyone doing for World Vegan Day / Week / Month?

Personally, I'm not doing much. A colleague had noticed a poster in the campus restaurant that said something about November 1st being World Vegan Day, so I went there today to see what they had on offer. It turned out they had nothing special o_O The vegetarian option was bean burger in a brioche bun with salad and fries, so after talking with the chef I got that, minus the brioche. So that was slightly disappointing.

Tonight we're having some kind of falafel-based feast at home.
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Csonsidering that I am only see this now, nothing special for today. :D that I know I have all month to plan something, I've been wanting to make my vegan lasagna for my co-workers. So I think I will follow through with that and maybe make something decadent for dessert. :)
I didn't know it was world vegan day until this vegan bakery appeared on the tele last night .

Tart Bakery – An Auckland Vegan

They keep the vegan side low key, but always point out that the pies are not meat and cheese just vegan alternatives. Most don't mind , if some say that's not for me , they just give them the vegan pie to try ...the owner said they always come back:)

Google Maps: Report Inappropriate Image

Just click on the link ....dont know why it reads like that
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Well, I've got a pot of homemade vegan French lentil & mushroom soup on the stove (I'll cook rice blend separately & add as needed)... and I plan to bring a bowl of it to Jerry along with a big portion of my rich & "cheesy" Brussels sprout/potato sarcasserole. Let's see if he digs an all vegan dinner. ;)

I was also happy to discover that my beat-up, thick coat does not have a down filling... it's all poly! :) So that'll be my winter wear... and I'm gonna donate the wool & suede coats that Jer gave to me (which belonged to his late mother).