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Ajit kumar

Jan 23, 2017
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Hi vegans.

I love animals so much. From starting I was vegetarian and I love saving animals and help them.

Before, I don't have any idea about veganism so, I followed vegetarian diet, once I saw a post from peta about vegan, I search about vegan and found it very interesting, and got many helps from some vegan groups on Facebook.

Became a perfect vegan in three weeks, it last for one until I met a girl who is non vegetarian. She gorgeous and I love her so much. I am slim and she want me to be strong n healthy, she believes that eating non will make me healthy and strong. I don't want to lose her, I love her so much and she don't want me to go vegan again. How should I convince her??
You shouldn't compromise your beliefs or convictions for anyone. Take care of yourself first and others will respect that more than you caving in just because you love someone right now.
I think that if she is an understanding and loving woman, she won't make you change your beliefs and lifestyle for her. You see when you find a partner that is supportive, she will encourage you to stay with your beliefs.

I'm not an expert and I don't know your girlfriend, but if at the beginning of your relationships she already wants you to change something about yourself, then she might not be the right one. Judging from my experience this will only cause more pointless arguments in the future. It starts with her wanting to change one thing about you and then it grows from there.
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The man I have been married to for 20 years became vegetarian for me. He's now vegan plus eggs and honey at home and I know he eats the same whenever he can away from home (which is almost 99.99% of the time). He doesn't like the effect dairy has on him anymore.

If she really loves you and is the right person for you, she should be accepting you for who you are NOW as @Mariah says. trying to change you to fit her ideal is not going to work. A marriage needs more than just love. It needs friendship and understanding as well. Without these it won't happen and you'll be unhappy. It's walk away or tell her firmly you are not going to change and see what she does. If she compromises, tried vegetarian for instance even if only for half of every week, then you'll know you have a starting point for a relationship that will work. If not and she leaves, well I'm sorry but you'll be better off without her.
Well, if it`s true love, she will accept your lifestyle) It`s real you - kind and nice vegan, and you can`t be someone else) Maybe, she has some reasons why she wants to see you more brutal? Did you talk about it?
She is ignorant IMO. It is not surprising, you need to do some work to find out about veganism and animal rights. You can educate her.
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First of all, it is totally possible to be an unhealthy vegan if you do not eat well and do exercise. So, as I don't know you, you may be unwell, in which case you should look at your diet to ensure you are included all the vitamins you need and make sure you do exercise.

However if feel healthy and fit then I wouldn't recommend working out and eating meat to satisfy your girlfriend. If it is important for you to prove to her that it is possible to be strong on a vegan diet, you could tell her about vegan athletes and if you wanted to be stronger, for yourself, you could train and then you would also prove to her it is possible. But again, I wouldn't do that if you don't actually want this for yourself, especially not for someone you just met.

When I met my husband I wasn't vegan (but didn't eat much meat anyway) and he was the meatiest meat eater I knew. After we got married I decided to turn vegan and at first he was very negative about this and said I would mess up my health, he wouldn't even try anything I cooked because it didn't have meat in it. I was worried because I knew I didn't want to go back to eating meat but understood that when we married I ate meat and I can't expect him to change to suit my changing views and diet.

One year later and he is still a meat-eater (I totally respect that it is his choice) but he also respects my decision and from time to time he will eat vegan food with me. We live in harmony because neither of us tries to change the other.

Of course secretly I hope each morning he will spontaneously jump out of bed and declare his love for a vegetarian/vegan diet but how things are between us now is already a huge improvement.

I understand many vegans could not live like this but I am not a dogmatic vegan. I have come to believe the best way to encourage veganism is to calmly answer when they ask why you are vegan and then be the best happiest damn vegan cook you can be and share your food with them. Most people aren't against veganism - most people simply want an easy life with tasty food. So prove to them that is possible with veganism.