1. love&kale

    Is dating a vegan the best way forward?

    I was not a vegan when I first started dating my ex. I have now, of course, transitioned to the Vegan life and kept it up with no regrets.:D Thinking about how I feel now, I'm not sure I could ever date a non-vegan. Another thing that makes me think this way is that I now work for a Vegan...
  2. Ajit kumar

    Want some advice.

    Hi vegans. I love animals so much. From starting I was vegetarian and I love saving animals and help them. Before, I don't have any idea about veganism so, I followed vegetarian diet, once I saw a post from peta about vegan, I search about vegan and found it very interesting, and got many...
  3. Foodie

    Media Documentary about vegans and omnivores

    I am creating a documentary about vegan and omnivore relationships (family, romantic, friendship). Because food is such an integral part of our lives, I would like to explore if different diets can affect the relationship. Would anyone be interested in participating? Or know anyone who would be...