Vegans, do we need our own conspiracy theory?

there is evidence that autism begins before birth.

Of course it is a subject of real concern to me.
And I did do my own research. My research stated previous to 2010 where the amount of evidence against MMR was not so overwhelming. But since 2010 it is overwhelming. Both in width and depth.
But anyone else who might be interested in doing their own research, you really don't have to do much more than read a little about the guy who started the myth: Andrew Wakefield.
Thanks. Andrew was a truthful commentator but I understand from a previous friend and collaborator of his (a lady doctor of our acquaintance) that he has been 'got at' in recent years. He was offering the single vaccines. But it is a struggle for anyone to stick to one's guns when the entire system is against you. Witness Gallileo. Witness most people. None of us like to consider evidence that goes contrary to what we want to believe. That is normal and, for the most part, quite understandably, we do not want to waste our precious time rooting down other people's rabbit holes.

We follow our own research until we gain enough confidence to pronounce our opinion without fear of rebuttal. If we were looking for evidence as to the benefit of eating animal products, we would probably die long before we could turn up a single piece of positive evidence—while there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence reporting on the harm from eating animal products. At some stage, we form our opinion and it becomes, for many reasons, difficult to change. I would say that, in some cases, the evidence might be more nuanced than I would be prepared to openly admit. However, as a principle, I reject vaccination altogether because that is easier to explain from the mountain of evidence over the last two hundred years. If, on the other hand, somebody could show me some genuine evidence of the benefit of animal products for human health, I would be interested. But as Dr Greger says, the question we must ask about any food or procedure is 'compared to what?'

Vaccination is another medical procedure that people vainly hope will 'save' them and their children from all those nasty diseases. We have almost played out antibiotics. We have had blood-letting as pretty popular for many years, mercury was a good old standby, pre-frontal leucotomies—which were still in fashion when I was young, electroconvulsive therapy, tonsilectomies, and the outright attack by surgeons on any young person's appendix and adenoids; recently, bypasses, stents and statins together with every drug Big Pharma can get past the accreditation bodies and into people's bodies one way or another. If we were to list all the weird and wonderful remedies and treatments trusted implicitly by the medical profession and patients alike—just in the last one hundred years—we might publish it as a joke book. We had the Natural Hygiene movement giving pretty good advice for decades and now we have Lifestyle medicine which is a sort of successor, in a way, to Natural Hygiene. In the interim, we have spawned physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and others who contribute to the general field of health care. And of course, our old friend homeopathy. In the UK, we now have an online plant-based medical health service too which has just started up. When the control which Big Pharma exerts over the Western medical profession is eventually loosened, God willing, we will see, I believe a drastic reduction in vaccinations over time. If big Pharma succeeded as they would like, every child would be on Ritalin from birth, every adult on statins and blood-pressure drugs and every other drug they could push to deal with secondary effects (polypharmacy) and we would all receive God knows how many mandatory vaccinations every month. It is all a business and a very unhealthy (but profitable) one at that.

May God forgive or punish, as he wills, those who knowingly do harm while pretending to do good.
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I gave you three references from respected medical journals.

Your rebuttal is well I know someone who said They are out to get Andrew Wakefield. . And big Pharma is out to get us. And a debate strategy called Well, what about.... which is used to deflect and obfuscate

Color me unconvinced.
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Maybe I'm just not imaginative enough but most of the theories I come up are actually true. I guess conspiracy theories CAN be true. but I think the ones that spread the fastest aren't.

So that Track Star who got banned for steroids. We could start saying that pork is full of steroids. That might even be true.
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Maybe I'm just not imaginative enough but most of the theories I come up are actually true. I guess conspiracy theories CAN be true. but I think the ones that spread the fastest aren't.

So that Track Star who got banned for steroids. We could start saying that pork is full of steroids. That might even be true.
Because truth is stranger than fiction.
People don't want to believe things outside the cultural and social norms.
Food grown from the ground is healthy and it's just what a human body needs, and not only needs, it regenerates to some extent, it cleanses itself, it is miraculous, it is healing.

Look at the healers of 100 years ago, having patients fasting, and eating the most basic broths and gruel, healing where most doctors couldn't heal. They called it miraculous! A miracle because they couldn't figure it out, so it must be some kind of miracle. Herbal medicine is right in that realm too. Plants are amazing.

Humans often think about "I can do this, I can do that, I'll eat meat, I'll milk a llama and drink that, I'll refine liquid gold-oil, I'll use that". They don't always think afterwards, now, "how do I feel, have I gained 100 lbs since then, why are my joints achy, why is this bringing on gastic pain" and draw any useful conclusions. They instead think, I never have to worry about hunger and my skin is so soft and my hair lustrous. They are just so proud that they CAN so they DID. They have no idea what it has done to them. They blindly start selling all the things they CAN do and DID, and everyone in the family uses it, and so should you-marketing.
Heck, Vegans are already blamed for spreading lies, propaganda and being being brain washed. We might as well embrace it and use it.
You do realize thats a goal for some of these abusive trolls... to get vegans to not speak forthright about the truth, we should always always reject orwell, do not let that ******** control our activism... when its this prisoner dilemma and theres no way to stop them from poisoning the well the thing to do is to not respond and not to just do the opposite of what some evil monster wants or doesnt want, its to continue accordingly with what you would normally want if there had never been a comment...

Reading a book about female super heros and there was this passage about superman and wonderwoman, superman went for the longest time single because he didnt want his enemies to target his partner, but of course thats exactly what villain's would want, to isolate him from his support, have all of this abnormal psychological development... they very literally controlled his love life, dont let the terrorists win