Vegan shoes for the winter?


Jul 14, 2016
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Any suggestions? I am looking for function, not fashion. I live in a very northern state. Thanks for the help!
I live in NE Minnesota so I can understand your concern! Before I even get to the topic of boots I would suggest finding some good hemp socks if you do any outdoor snowshoeing or skiing etc in winter. They wick moisture just like wool and are very warm! I ordered mine online from Wicked Hemp almost five years ago and they still work very well. I also have heavy cotton work socks that do the job too!

Here are a few good winter boots you could try. I have boots similar the second pair on the first link for hiking (both of my high top hiking boots I have used in the snow in the winter too):

I have an old pair of Columbia Cascadian Trinity boots I had long before I went vegan that are "accidentally" vegan with no leather and with faux fur and nylon. I can't vouch for any glue that might be used in them if at all. Unfortunately they are no longer made. Mine look very much like the link below. When the time comes to buy new boots, I will definitely be looking into a few of the links above. I am ALL about practical and not too much into the fashion stuff.

All of my vegan hiking shoes and casual shoes, save one pair, I bought online. I have been lucky every one of them have fit nicely on the first try. I read reviews first and researched the sizing of the individual boots and shoes I ordered online to make sure I ordered the right size and fit. It is hard to find vegan shoes locally in my area, but a few hours north of here at a surprisingly small but vegan friendly city I was able to find a pair of vegan hiking/mountain bike friendly shoes I use heavily for mountain biking. I had first looked on the list below and wrote down some brands I was interested in, and by chance I found a few of them in a little shoe store up north! I have also ordered from REI in Minneapolis which is only a few hours south of where I live but vegan friendly. They are out there, it just takes a bit of research. I hope this helps!

ps. Though I try to make an effort to buy shoes from vegan companies, sometimes it is just not practical or feasible for a variety of reasons (finances, location and company doesn't ship etc), and the glue in my shoes "might" be animal based. Often it is VERY hard to track this information and sometimes companies don't even know when you call or email them, so it is one area I sometimes have to overlook if everything else is vegan. I have all of 8 pairs of shoes total (2 hiking/biking, running/trail, 2 casual, dress, sandal, boots) and all have lasted me quite a long time , about four to six years, save the trail/bike shoes I bought last year. I remember five years ago it was MUCH harder to find any vegan boots/shoes online than it is now. It seems like the choices are getting better, or maybe I have just gotten better at finding them online. :)
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